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ELVIA Safety Barometer 2007

( ELVIA Safety Barometer 2007: Holiday makers perceive travelling as safe – Germans turn out to be experienced and aware of risks.
The appetite for travelling is unbroken: 74.9 percent of the people interviewed for the ELVIA Safety Barometer 2007 state that travelling is part of their life. Since 2003, ELVIA travel insurance examines the travel behaviour and particularly the subjective safety perception of travelling Germans in the framework of the ELVIA Safety Barometer. The yearly value is levied jointly with LEUPHANA University Lüneburg. It reflects the sense of uncertainty of the interviewees, like a subjectively perceived temperature, on a scale from 1 to 100. The outcome of the fifth year of the survey was 63.59. During the last four years, the index lay around 60 (2003: 45.34) and has thus settled down at a high level.

Aware of risks, well-informed and travel-experienced
An average 41.4 percent go on holiday twice per year, 39.3 percent three to five times, and are therefore very experienced when it comes to travelling. The majority (57.1 percent) travels abroad most of the time, however avoids trips to unsafe regions (58.9 percent).

Normally, trips are planned well ahead of time using various sources of information. Media like the internet (55.8 percent), newspapers/magazines (47.5 percent), TV (44.1 percent) as well as travel agencies (46.7 percent) and tour operators (42.5 percent) are used always or nearly always. To answer the question if the information found in the media was actually confirmed at the destination, 59.3 percent tended to respond with “yes”, but around 40 percent said “no”.

Meanwhile, the general topic of safety plays an important role for the public. With regard to travelling, the interviewees stated that the risk of something happening to themselves is as high at home as during a holiday. Accordingly, 72.5 percent perceive travelling as safe.

To increase their safety during a trip, many respondents are prepared to accept increased security checks of individuals (+10.8 percent compared to last year). 60 percent wish for increased investments in the technical safety of means of transport. However, for the majority (73 percent) of the interviewees, cheap does not stand for bad quality nor for low safety standards.

What do travellers fear most?
The following problems and risks are the most profound: Illness (68.1 percent), accidents (53.1 percent), natural disasters/thunderstorms (48.5 percent) and unrest/terror (42 percent). Regarding actual occurred problems, illness ranges first with 36.3 percent. 27.2 percent declare having had problems with their accommodation. 35.4 percent complain about theft, or loss/damage of luggage.

Personal coverage is important
The predominant majority of the respondents (81.1 percent) knows, that without a special travel insurance, there is a lack of sufficient insurance coverage when on holiday. Thus the travel health insurance has top priority with 70.3 percent, which confirms that illness is thought to be the number one threat to the interviewees. 18.2 percent are already equipped with a yearly travel insurance. 63.2 percent protect themselves with a travel cancellation insurance against cancellation fees in case of failure to commence the trip. 44.6 percent of the interviewees take out an automobile insurance. Health risks are limited with visits to the doctor’s and with vaccinations by 36.3 percent.

What kind of services are expected of a travel insurance?
Along with criteria like fast settlement and a 24 hours availability, 61.2 percent of the interviewees find a worldwide network important. Especially when it comes to problems abroad, travellers want to rely on competent assistance and services as well as German-speaking support. ELVIA travel insurance relies on the world’s leading network of Mondial Assistance and therefore offers their customers professional coverage in case of an emergency.

With regard to over 40 percent of the respondents with two trips per year or more counting as frequent travellers, ELVIA will focus on yearly travel insurances in the future. Compared to individual insurances, yearly insurance rates are available from only one Euro more. However it covers unlimited trips per year, offering an unbeatable value for money as far as travel insurance is concerned.

About ELVIA Safety Barometer
4.063 interviewees from all classes of population and age groups, package tourists as well as individual travellers, expressed themselves in the framework of the representative survey carried out between December 2006 and January 2007 regarding their personal safety perception when travelling. Two questionnaires were employed. To determine the actual value of the barometer, 45 approval-questions – subjective statements offering the possibility to tick a level of approval – and 17 other questions had to be answered.
An additional questionnaire asked about the attitude of the travellers towards current trends in tourism (e.g. low-cost carriers, internet etc.). Here, 21 approval-questions and 15 other questions had to be answered.

ELVIA Reiseversicherungs-Gesellschaft, a German subsidiary with headquarter in Wallisellen, Schwitzerland belongs to Mondial Assistance located in Paris. For more than 50 years its name stands for competence and reliability when it comes to safety during travels. Mondial Assistance currently employs more than 8.000 people in 37 branches worldwide, has business partners in 42 countries which makes Mondial the leading travel insurance and assistance company worldwide. The majority stockholder of Mondial Assistance is Allianz SE, Munich.

Further information about ELVIA and the ELVIA safety barometer can be obtained online at and

Monika Reitsam-Rieger
Press Relations Officer
ELVIA Reiseversicherungs-Gesellschaft Germany
Telephone: (089) 624 24 – 113
Fax: (089) 624 24 – 224
Ludmillastr. 26
81543 Munich

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