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Radosa private club reveals 70 years of brand heritage

Radosa private club reveals 70 years of brand heritage ( The odyssey of Radosa begins with a romantic Slovakian couple, full of finesse and good taste, rocked by a Czechoslovakian dolce vita at a time when Bratislava, the pearl of the Danube, was still a prosperous commercial city, harmonious and cosmopolitan, seeped in culture and highly regarded for its artists.

In 1918, hungry for adventure, dreams, and economic opportunities, the grandfather Radosa left his small town of Prievidza with his wife to head off and discover the Paris of Les Années Folles. He works on the river-boats, where there are marvelous parties, where the men wear tuxedoes while the women, with their sophisticated bobs, their dresses, and their high heels, dance the Charleston, the foxtrot, and the cha-cha.

Highly receptive to this Parisian life, the two modest immigrants embrace the “French style” in the manner of Coco Chanel and absorb for their lifetime the lights of the French capital. When they return to their country in the fifties, as Czechoslovakia was joining the Soviet block, the Radosas refuse to give up grace and subtlety. Chanel N°5 pervades their lifestyle. Even confined within the block countries, they offer their children a shimmering life: making them discover the sea, the mountain, and the big cities, opening their spirits to the richness and refinement of foreign cultures.

In 1989, the Velvet Revolution sounds the end of the Communist era. Luxury, purchases, and travels abound everywhere as new means of expression. In the home of the Radosas, their sensitivity to chic and fashion, deeply rooted like a tulip bulb that has been hidden during a long winter, yet delicately cherished, grows and buds with the sun of a new spring.

To pay homage to the poetry, elegance, and philosophy of his grandfather, who managed to transmit to him from across the iron curtain the codes, tastes, and good manners of the west, Radoslav Radosa sets up the RADOSA Luxury Business Group. As an expert connoisseur of the desires, hopes, history, and culture of the people from the east, and yet suffused with French glamour and western charms, Radosa brings together in the excellence of his luxury enterprise the two faces of his dual culture. He is in the service of both cultures, along the lines of the very history of the Radosa family.

Radosa is the a private club for private jet travelers, super yacht owners, and other high-net worth individuals in eastern Europe and the Middle East - considered as the most elegant link between global brand names of luxury and the new élite of travelers. The club is looking to recruit new brands, including hotels, resorts, private banks, and private aviation providers to its network, offering many marketing and PR activities and an access to ultra luxurious travel agents and concierge services of eastern Europe, Russia, and Middle East.

Phone: +33 1 56529478

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