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Huge opportunities in tourism field: Al Medina

Huge opportunities in tourism field: Al Medina ( Several studies go in support of Al Medina as one of the largest shopping areas in the kingdom, as well as its great investment opportunities in the sectors of trade, agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism, fisheries, light industry, and public services. Statistical studies estimate that the number of visitors who come to the city are more than two and a half million during the year to visit the Prophet's Mosque, and the rate of expenditure per visitor is over 1,500 Saudi riyals leading to a source of income exceeding 3 billion riyals a year at an average.

Secondly, Madina holds high position in the hearts of billions of Muslims as a spiritual city, to which the Holy Prophet and his companions have emigrated from Mecca. It gave him a refuge and supported him as well, from which the Islamic Empire emerged with all its subsequent geographical extensions. It includes the Prophet's Mosque and is one of the most sacred places in the world, besides Makkah.

According to a report prepared by Manal Mohammad Al Hagas, the executive director of the Businesswomen Center in Al Madinah, the city has a long history as the most important commercial center for the ancient trade routes and the pilgrimage route in addition to the old railroad - Hijaz railway station.

Al Hagas, in her report, further emphasized that Al Madinah is currently witnessing great economic boom and revival reflected by the huge momentum in trade. This is due to the heavy turnover of purchasing and shopping by Umra visitors who arrive in great numbers to the trading centers for purchasing gifts and products before departing to their countries. The Central Area is mainly absorbing 70 percent of the total purchasing and selling process regarding Umra visitors.

Manal Al Hagas believes that the economic boom that Al Madinah witnesses has paved the way for the Saudi women to engage in trade activity in its different forms. This has contributed to an economic rise in Al Madinah, and especially, Al Madinah's women are gaining a higher degree of trading awareness, as well as selecting investment opportunities that comply with society's values and traditions.

Referring to women who run home-based business, Manal Al Hagas stated that these women form a large sector, and they deserve scheduled plans and activities that bring their business to light. Mrs. Manal Al Hagas elaborated, saying: “The women of the city, as many business owners, deserve a concerted effort to exploit and make their businesses a major source of income in the country by providing the opportunities and overcoming the difficulties raised by the individuals themselves, who are in need of greater cultural awareness of the roles that women can play and participate with men, each of which is a renaissance of the country.”

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