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Airports Latest Data

( Airports Latest Data
20 June 2007

Note for new users: Air4casts offers an enhanced Latest Actual Data Review system which permits users to track back on the results for an airport over the last 12 months and further allows them to compare airport results across countries.
Airports which freely publish their passenger numbers over the Internet now number 528 and they account for 79% of global traffic:
get the full picture for 528 airports here

May Airport Results; Total Passengers from 193 Airports

No. Airports Declared 193 Total Traffic Share 25%
May Change 3.9% May Target 4.3%

With almost exactly a quarter of the May traffic declared from 193 airports, the year on year passenger change, calculated at 3.9%, confirms a continuing demand strength, though one which is not entirely supportive of the Panglossian trumpetings of some recent press releases.
There are now very evident signs of European weakness and because European airports represent almost two thirds of the present tally for May, their effect on the total is appreciable. The 3.9% traffic increase generated by the 193 might have been, “should" have been 4.3%; that was the earlier forecast.
get the results for May reporting airports here

Europe; Generally Slower and Focusing on the Majors
The May increase is only 2.9% on a passenger base of 60 million. It should climb higher as the smaller, faster growing airports declare later in the month, but the picture for the hubs is one of quite moderate demand increases:
â—Š in the UK the figures for May are up only 0.7%; London is down on last year
â—Š the rate of increase in France is 1.3%; Paris is up by just 0.7%.

Dublin; DUB Ireland
Just released: a passenger increase of 7% … more Ireland airports

Rome Fiumicino; FCO Italy
Declares passenger numbers up by 4.1% … more Italy airports

London Gatwick; LGW UK
Announces a passenger increase of 2.2% … more UK airports

Copenhagen; CPH Denmark
Declares an increase in passenger numbers of 1.4% … more Denmark airports

Paris Roissy; CDG France
Latest: passenger numbers have risen by 1.2% … more France airports

Frankfurt; FRA Germany
Total passenger flows increased by 0.6% … more Germany airports

Paris Orly; ORY France
Passenger numbers for the month are down by -0.5% … more France airports

London Stansted; STN UK
Latest report shows passengers down by -1.2% … more UK airports

London Heathrow; LHR UK
Passenger numbers for the month are down by -1.9% … more UK airports

Manchester; MAN UK
Just reported: passenger numbers drop by -3.2% … more UK airports

The USA on Track
On a small passenger base the May increase presently stands at 3.7% which is lower than the traffic announcements from the airlines earlier in the month. US airports are slower to announce their results:
click here for the results for all the US airports

Portland; PDX USA
Total passengers reported up by 5.2% … more USA airports

Seattle; SEA USA
Latest report shows total passengers ahead by 3.1% … more USA airports

Minneapolis; MSP USA
Just reported: passenger numbers drop by -0.6% … more USA airports

Asia/Pacific In Contrast
In Asia/Pacific the early results from 15 airports indicate a year on year rise for May of almost exactly 7%. Bangkok BKK has declared but is excluded for obvious reasons.

Seoul Incheon; ICN South Korea
Passengers for the month up by a phenomenal 12.6% … more South Korea airports

Busan; PUS South Korea
Announces a passenger increase of 9.2% … more South Korea airports

Hong Kong; HKG China
Passenger traffic up by 7.5% … more China airports

Sydney; SYD Australia
Total passenger flows increased by 6% … more Australia airports

Seoul, Gimpo; GMP South Korea
Just released: a passenger increase of 0.1% … more South Korea airports

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