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“AWTTE 2007” featuring “about this year’s Solidarity with Lebanon”

( Biel, Beirut December 6-9,2007

Eager to attain the rebirth at any charge, Lebanon will be launching AWTTE as the first brick of revival. The solidarity with Lebanon draws a wider picture of a synchronized region operating harmonically.

Thus, December 6 sets challenge blocking the abuse Lebanon has been tolerating for the last year. Tourism is one of Lebanon’s vital sectors badly influenced. Therefore, The end of this year represents not only the end of a fragile period, but a closure to a spell cast on Lebanon.

Defying the crucial and critical situations Lebanon is encountering nowadays, the organizers with the provision of supporting countries are making this event possible. Through the efforts of approaching the distant significant, the channel of communication opens the door for diversities to meet, mingle, deal and discuss further agreements. And once more AWTTE shall be crowned with success.

Baby steps, such as contacting related organizations, companies and individuals widen the attempted exposure. Promoting Lebanon as the destination that assures hospitality of tourism on business and leisure levels.

AWTTE delivers a soothing opportunity to foreshadow the prosperity we are to witness. It reflects the resurrection of the Lebanese reestablishment as a favored tourism destination and proves being a worthy regional commercial center while exhibiting in the Lebanese market. Like always, The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism side by side with Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal Group and in cooperation with MEA supports AWTTE in Lebanon due to its attractive magic setting with respect to the international business activities.

Participating in AWTTE opens new horizons for mutual promotional activities where Lebanese exhibitors present their tourism in their country while foreign exhibitors advertise in a new media and public traits. Both parties expose their countries’ investments, tourism opportunities in order to acquaint others with the exceptional, extraordinary and exclusive businesses, natures, cultures and societies in different countries.

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Dana Kaddouh Project Coordinator Al Iktissad Wal Aamal Group Tel:00 961 1 780200 Fax:00961 1 780206 Email: Website:

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