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( This is an AgentFactor spin zone, not the Bill O'Reilly spin zone.

AgentFactor, a U.S. based Travel eFulfillment & Ticketing Exchange Distribution Company provides an efficient and economical fulfillment service to home based agents, independent contractors, travel agencies [online or offline] and corporate accounts.

After understanding the client needs, AgentFactor deploys the right-size travel technology solution from our portfolio of technology providers and partners. AgentFactor provides an innovative approach to helping agents and agencies succeed online. First, AgentFactor provides a free or low-cost B2B and B2C affiliate booking engines, called reBOX. Second, reBOX allows affiliates to add their own markup or service fee plus. Third, AgentFactor passes along a percentage of the revenue-split for commissionable products enabling our affiliates to exercise their entrepreneurial spirits. With our free affiliate B2B/B2C booking engine program, the affiliates can focus what they do best, market and sell, while AgentFactor takes care of operational fulfillment,

In addition to providing low-cost booking engine solutions, AgentFactor can also accommodate clients providing their own fulfillment using their own Pseudo City Code. This offering falls under AgentFactor's reFLEX program. Deployment of the reFLEX booking engine may require an additional setup fee, monthly recurring volume commitment, or in some cases, can be provisioned at a low cost based on unique online traffic or booking volumes.

"Travel distribution is much more than just the technology selected and involves travel agencies, travel agents, suppliers and other value-added intermediaries. Service has to be provided and everyone has to make money. AgentFactor is about providing the right solution to each component of travel distribution." Jim Menge, AgentFactor's CEO added.

International Travel Group [ITG] operates an online travel marketing, distribution, fulfillment and ticketing channel through a business-to-business (B2B) model under the AgentFactor service brand. In
addition, International Travel Group operates a technology development group, ITG Technologies. The unique value proposition provided by International Travel Group is in bridging (1) multiple best of breed booking engine platforms with connectivity from GDS's and non-GDS's, [2] new technologies such as Travel 2.0/Web 2.0 XML/API web service mashups, (3) a full spectrum of travel inventory including 120 + adventure/experiential tour operators and a real-time yacht GDS for full and cabin charters, (4) the aggregation of wholesale private, net and published rates, and (5) a deep understanding of online travel marketing.

Management at ITG includes seasoned executives and entrepreneurs from travel distribution, travel suppliers, technology and internet businesses. Their collective and diverse experience has created a full-service, travel marketing organization with a global 2000 sophisticated operational

To learn more about the wide range of travel fulfillment services and travel technology enabling solutions provided by AgentFactor, email: href="">, call: 646-344-0854, or visit:

AgentFactor, LLC.
Jim Menge
Telephone: 817-307-8819

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