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Seychelles news alert - President Danny Faure announces senior government appointments

Seychelles news alert - President Danny Faure announces senior government appointments ( Following the reshuffling of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Danny Faure announced the following senior government appointments:

Office of the President
Secretary of State Responsible for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation – Dr Patrick Herminie
Secretary of State – Foreign Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs – Mrs. Marie-Louise Potter
Secretary of State Responsible for Poverty Alleviation – Mr. Dick Esparon
Principal Secretary (Department of Foreign Affairs) – Ms. Michelle Murray
Ambassador Barry Faure remains Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs
Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne remains Secretary of State with specific responsibilities for Health.

Office of the Vice-President – Vice President Vincent Meriton
Principal Secretary (Vice-President’s Office) – Mr. Alain Volcère
Principal Secretary (Department of Information Communication Technology) – Mr. Benjamin Choppy
Principal Secretary (Department of Information) – Mr. Denis Rose
Principal Secretary (Department of Investment&Industries) – Dr Steve Fanny
Principal Secretary (Department of The Blue Economy) – Ms. Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne
Special Advisor (The Blue Economy) – Mr. Phillip Michaud
Special Advisor (Information) – Ms. Shelda Commetant
Office of the Designated Minister – Minister Macsuzy Mondon
Principal Secretary (Office of the Designated Minister) – Mrs. Marise Berlouis
Ministry of Local Government – Minister Macsuzy Mondon
Principal Secretary – Ms. Marie-Celine Vidot
Special Advisor – Mr. Daniel Frichot

Ministry of Education&Human Resource Development – Minister Joel Morgan
Principal Secretary (Education Department) – Dr Odile Decommarmond
Principal Secretary (Human Resource Development Department) – Dr Linda Barallon
Special Advisor (Education) – Mrs. Merida Delcy
Consultant – Mr. Selby Dora

Ministry of Health&Social Affairs – Minister Jean-Paul Adam
Principal Secretary (Health Department) – Dr Bernard Valentin
Principal Secretary (Social Affairs Department) – Mrs. Linda William-Melanie
Special Advisor (Social Affairs) – Ms. Marie-Josee Bonne

Ministry of Home Affairs – Minister Mitcy Larue
Commissioner of Police – Mr. Reginal Elizabeth
Principal Secretary (Immigration&Civil Status Department) – Mrs. Myriam Telemaque
Superintendent of Prisons – Mr. Vic Tirant
Special Advisor (Police) – Ms. Sheryl Vangadasamy
Special Advisor (Immigration&Civil Status) – Mr. Michel Marie
Special Advisor (Prisons) – Mr. Raymond St Ange
Advisor to the Superintendent of Prisons – Mr. Maxime Tirant

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports&Marine – Minister Alain St Ange
Principal Secretary (Tourism Department) – Ms. Anne Lafortune
Principal Secretary (Civil Aviation, Ports&Marine Department) – Mr. Garry Albert

Ministry of Youth, Sports&Culture-Minister Idith Alexander
Principal Secretary (Youth&Sports Department) – Mr. Fabian Palmyre
Principal Secretary (Culture Department) – Ms. Benjamine Rose
Special Advisor (Youth) – Mr. Kevin Vidot
Special Advisor (Sports) – Mr. Jean Larue
Special Advisor (Culture) – Mr. Emmanuel D’Offay

Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure&Land Transport – Minister Charles Bastienne
Principal Secretary (Habitat Department) – Mrs. Jennifer Jasmin
Principal Secretary (Infrastructure Department) – Mr. Yves Choppy
Principal Secretary (Land Transport Department) – Mr. Patrick Andre
Special Advisor – Mr. Gerard Hoareau

Ministry of Environment, Energy&Climate Change- Minister Didier Dogley
Principal Secretary (Environment Department) – Mr. Alain Decommarmond
Principal Secretary (Energy&Climate Change Department) – Mr. Wills Agricole
Special Advisor – Mr. Denis Matatiken

Ministry of Fisheries&Agriculture - Minister Michael Benstrong
Principal Secretary – Mr. Michael Nalletamby
Special Advisor (Fisheries) – Mr. Roy Clarrise
Special Advisor (Agriculture) – Mr. Antoine-Marie Moustache

Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development&Business Innovation - Minister Wallace
Principal Secretary (Employment Department) – Mr. Jules Baker
Principal Secretary (Entrepreneurship Development&Business Innovation) – Mrs. Pamela Charlette
Special Advisor – Ms. Veronique Bresson

Ministry of Finance, Trade&Economic Planning – Minister Peter Larose
Principal Secretary (Finance&Trade Department) – Mr. Patrick Payet
Principal Secretary (Economic Planning Department) – Mrs. Elizabeth Agathine
Special Advisor – Ms. Sitna Cesar

Other Chief Executive Officer Appointments will be announced in the coming days.


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