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The world's best virtual tours

The world's best virtual tours ( Thanks to technology breakthroughs, not only can travelers book their own flights and hotels online, they can enjoy reading restaurant menus, reviewing entertainment options, and so much more. By far, the most favorite way to explore when planning is going on a virtual tour.

Gone are the days when planning a trip meant visiting a brick-and-mortar travel agency or picking up the phone to call your travel agent. Today’s technology finds travelers researching destinations and hotels via the Internet and booking their own travel online. And really, planning is half the fun of a trip!

The virtual tour is an integral part in the digital travel revolution. Progress in 3D camera technology now enables 360 virtual tours to mirror closely the way humans see the world, giving travelers a life-like glimpse of where they might stay and the pool they might swim in.

The tours show 360 panoramas of a group of interconnected spaces, allowing travelers to check out a luxury hotel, and everything from its bedrooms to restaurants and private beach. Virtual tours combine 360 panoramas so viewers feel like they are there in person.

Tours can be viewed from mobiles and tablets to desktops, and on Google Maps, YouTube, and Facebook, making them indispensable for those marketing their travel and leisure products.

And this is merely the beginning. The medium is evolving rapidly thanks to a raft of new technology. One such development is Google’s streaming 360 service on YouTube, which lets an online visitor experience a video in any direction.

Playing an integral part in the digital travel revolution is the virtual tour. Progress in 3D camera technology now enables 360 virtual tours to mirror closely the way humans see the world, giving travelers a life-like glimpse of where they might stay, and the pool they might swim in.

Add to this the roll-out of spatial audio, and hearing sound from all directions just as the in real world.

Augmented reality, meanwhile, has gone mainstream overnight with Pokémon GO. Catching demons may seem a fad, but the interaction between digital and physical worlds of augmented reality is set to stay, particularly its incorporation into virtual tours.

A key driver in the explosion of virtual tours is the signification reduction in the cost and skills required to create them. And with their support on platforms including Facebook and YouTube, their usage will be a first port of call when making travel purchases.

Setting the benchmark for virtual tours is Virtual World Internet. The company deploys a team of videographers and cameramen that travel the world to capture the world’s most iconic hotels and travel destinations using the latest 360 technology. Catching up with the Creative Directors of Virtual World Internet, Mark Hakansson and Anjjelo Buenaventura, they explained that Virtual World is a virtual imaging service provider that delivers interactive solutions for a wide variety of applications in the travel and tourism sector. It combines expertise and technological wizardry to create stunning, award-winning virtual tours.

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