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The Seychelles islands go virtual in China

The Seychelles islands go virtual in China ( The Seychelles Tourism Board joined forces with Conde Nast Traveler China to offer the destination its first official virtual reality (VR) photos and videos, shots which were done earlier this year when the group was on a media trip in Seychelles.

The Conde Nast Traveller media house is part of the Conde Nast Group owning some of the world’s high-end medias such as Vogue&GQ. The new high-end photos and videos intend to give potential travelers from the region a more realistic feel and view of what the Seychelles islands has to offer through a complete 3-dimensional experience of the destination, all made possible through the virtual reality project.

The CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board met with Mr. Alex Liu, Managing Director of Conde Nast Traveler China, to discuss the success of the project and future collaboration.

Ms. Sherin Naiken got the chance to experience firsthand the technology through a series of mind-blowing Seychelles pictures and videos through the VR headset. “When we talk about the Seychelles islands, people often wondered whether the testimony is true, as it always sounds too good to be true, and the photos often do not do justice to the description of the experience. Through this technology, the experience become as real as setting foot in the destination once you put on the VR headset, as you are instantly transported to this unrivaled paradise.”

The set of Seychelles pictures and videos can be easily accessed throughout China for free by anyone with a smart phone/tablet device regardless if it is connected to VR equipment or not. “This technology brings marketing to a new level and changes the way we do business,” shared Ms. Naiken, “We are proud that one can today access the virtual experience of iconic sites in Seychelles, such as the Valle de Mai, which will surely create more visibility online and whet the appetite of our potential visitors for the destination."

The Seychelles Tourism Board will be having the virtual experience integrated with most of its marketing campaigns across China in order to reach more potential clienteles and to create more visibility. The virtual reality videos were on display for the first time to the general public at the Beijing International Tourism Expo from May 20-22, 2016.

Present at the meeting was Mr. Jean-Luc Lai-Lam, China Manager, Seychelles Tourism Board; Ms. Stephanie Lablache, Senior Market Executive, Seychelles Tourism Board; and Mr. Li Huan, Senior Marketing Executive based in Beijing, China.


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