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Crisis Communications Firm Offers Webinar in Wake of Brussels Attacks

Crisis Communications Firm Offers Webinar in Wake of Brussels Attacks ( “Bombings, Terrorist Attacks and Travel Advisories: Now What?!”

Kitchener, Ontario- 22MAR2016 (FIR) A crisis communications firm is offering a unique solution for travel and tourism companies reeling in the wake of recent terror attacks.

“We’ve all seen the barbaric terrorism event in Brussels,” said Checkmate Public Affairs President Jeff Chatterton. “Bookings are going to suffer, because consumers are scared. When your customer is scared, they don’t travel for fun. We’re going to show travel companies how to build trust and credibility with a nervous public.”

Checkmate has made a name for itself in the global travel industry by creating the world’s first crisis communications insurance product for the travel and tourism industry, CrisisTether

CrisisTether has partnered with eTurboNews, the world’s largest travel trade publication, by offering a free webinar for travel companies scrambling to protect bookings and calm the nervous public.

“This is an awful time for the travel and tourism industry,” says Chatterton.

“The US State Department had already issued a completely useless worldwide advisory before the recent attacks. The threat of terrorism hurts the global travel community.”

Fortunately, there are things travel companies can do right away to build trust and calm fears. “We are offering the webinar so everyone can discover those steps, and together, we can lower the global temperature. It may be a minor step, but it’s a crucial step. The global travel industry can use every little bit of help right now,” said Chatterton.

The free webinar – called “Bombings, Terrorist Attacks and Travel Advisories: Now What?!” is being held Thursday (tomorrow) at 1pm Eastern, or 5pm Greenwich. The registration page is located at

Jeff Chatterton, President Checkmate Public Affairs Inc. +1 519 513 1053

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