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11 Tips For Cheaper Car Hire from

11 Tips For Cheaper Car Hire from ( Cork | Ireland | 01 September 2008-
1. Book your car hire well in advance as the earlier you book it, the more likely you will get a cheap car hire deal.

2. If you travel at off peak times of the year, you're likely to be quoted a cheap car hire rate as there is far less demand for cars at this time.

3. When you book your car hire with us, you'll get a booking voucher stating the pick up point of your car hire and the car hire desk office hours. If you need to pick up the car hire outside the office hours, you might incur an additional 'out of office hours' fee, so it might be just cheaper to collect it the next day.

4. Booking your car hire with us saves you time and money – so watch out for special discounts that we offer from time to time. Plus it's usually better value to book car hire for a long period of time, to say, a few days, especially in the off-peak season.

5. Another way to get a cheap car hire quote is to opt for a mini or economy car, as the smaller the car the less expensive it will be. Smaller cars will also cost you less in fuel costs.

6. Planning your car rental is crucial to getting a cheap car hire deal. Like for example, what time are you arriving at the airport? If early in the morning, then it's a good idea to collect your car hire at the airport. If it's late, you could get a taxi to your accommodation and pick up your car hire in the morning either in the city or at the airport.

7. If you exceed 24 hours with your drop off time then you'll incur an extra days rental cost. For example if you pick up a car at 10am and return it at 11am the following day it will cost you 2 days car rental as you've exceeded 24hrs so it's counted as 2 days car rental.

8. Choose a car hire that meets your needs. If you have a family in tow and lots of luggage then you'll need extra space. But if it's only a car for two people and you're not going to be doing that much travelling then pick a smaller car hire. Only get additional features like GPS if you really need them.

9. If you pick up your car hire at the airport and return it to the same location, then you'll avoid paying a one-way fee.

10. Watch out for hidden fees like taxes and surcharges, when looking for cheap car hire. Of course, you won't have to worry about that when booking car hire with us as the price displayed in our final quote is the price that you pay – there are no hidden fees with us.

11. And Most important: BEAT the Yield Managers: Car Rental Yield Managers are the people who set the rates for car hire at your destination- they use software to ensure they reach their target yield for a car in any month. Several factors affect the price- these include: competition, availability, local events, seasonality and advance booking. But one of the factors that is often overlooked by consumers is the fact that car hire companies in small airports put up their prices for collections the hour after a major low cost carrier lands. Try getting a quote for 15 minutes before the scheduled landing of your low cost flight - it may save you quite a bit on your car rental when using some airports that are dominated by Low Cost Airlines

PriceCarHire is one of the internets largest and cheapest global car hire suppliers. In their quest of distinction provide fully inclusive, high value car hire through our relationships with reputable global and local car rental suppliers. Their goal is to be known by our customers as providers of best global car hire booking website to suit the needs of the modern independent traveller while always offering the best customer service.

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