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More and more foreigners are heading to the Czech Republic to get an op or to relax in popular spas

More and more foreigners are heading to the Czech Republic to get an op or to relax in popular spas ( Increasing numbers of foreigners have started arriving in the Czech Republic to undergo planned medical treatment. In the last three years alone the figure has risen by a fifth. Foreigners most often come here for neurosurgical procedures, eye operations, transplantations or hip replacements. Czech spa and wellness pampering treatments are also very popular with them. To put it simply and to the point, in the Czech Republic you can expect no less than perfect care!

New Robotic Surgery System Operates in Mostiště

Boasting the title of the largest accredited establishment of its kind in the Czech Republic, the Vysočina Region Robotic Surgery Centre attached to the St. Zdislava Hospital in Mostiště has at its disposal the state-of-the-art daVinci robotic system. At present the equipment is the most modern robotic surgical system in the world making the Vysočina Region Robotic Surgery Centre one of the leading European health facilities offering a wide spectrum of specialized procedures. Compared with the previous generations of the daVinci system, the new device prides itself on higher precision, increased maneuverability of the robotic arms and the absolutely safe operation of the robot. The system will be employed particularly in surgery involving treatment of cancer of the prostate, colon or rectum.

Heading for Moravia in Pursuit of Wine and Medicinal Water

South Moravia is not just a famous wine region. You can set out here to find relaxation on the sunny slopes or medical spa treatments, following in the footsteps of a spa tradition dating back to the 14th century. South Moravian spas experienced their biggest boom in the 18th and 19th centuries, however in the first half of the 20th century most of them were closed down and allowed to become dilapidated. Nowadays, hand in hand with the discovery of new sources of healing iodine-bromine water and geothermal water rich in hydrogen sulphide, new spa resorts have begun mushrooming. So why not try one out for yourself? Lázně Lednice will help you with treatments aimed at diseases of the neurological and musculoskeletal systems as well as gynecological complaints. You can look forward to Iodine-bromine baths, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy and massages. If you wish to indulge in some relaxation combined with a longer trip to South Moravia, head for Hodonín, which this year has witnessed the opening of a day spa center, offering a cryotherapy chamber, salt steam bath and iodine inhalation chamber.

Aneurysms of the Heart Treated in Na Homolce Hospital

Heart surgeons in Na Homolce Hospital started using a special umbrella-like heart implant. So far only about 500 patients worldwide have received this type of treatment. It is a unique intervention procedure aimed at decreasing the volume of the left ventricle that has become pathologically increased as a result of being damaged during a heart attack. The solution to this condition lies in the reduction of heart chamber volume with the concurrent elimination of the non-functional portion of the tissue that prevents the heart from contracting. The umbrella implant represents the least invasive method of how to achieve this goal. Having performed this surgery, the cardiologists in Na Homolce Hospital initiated a pilot program, within which they plan to carry out ten operations of this kind. Subsequently, based on the results gained, they will decide whether to embark on a large research study to verify the success rate of this method.

Atopic Eczema Treatment Tested in Nový Jičín

People suffering from atopic eczema can seek help from physicians in the Blood Transfusion Centre of the Nový Jičín hospital in East Moravia. The center is the only establishment in the Czech Republic to have acquired a blood separator that can bring great relief to patients. The only European centers using this technology are to be found solely in Germany – the country where this method was invented. During the procedure the separator will collect immunoglobulin E from the patient’s blood because atopic eczema is caused by the high level of this antibody in blood. In the course of the “cleansing” the patient does not suffer any loss of plasma or circulating blood volume, which makes this method utterly safe and also suitable for children.

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