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Proclamation of Presidential Elections 2015 by President of the Republic of Seychelles

Proclamation of Presidential Elections 2015 by President of the Republic of Seychelles ( People of Seychelles

Over the last 11 years, we have worked hard together to bring our Seychelles to what it is today. Our task was not easy. We encountered some difficult moments. But we persevered. We took bold decisions, which enabled us to overcome certain critical situations. It helped that throughout this period, we remained united and steadfast. Together we undertook the tasks of building the New Seychelles.

We have succeeded. We have made much progress. From a situation of ‘napa’ (nothing being available), today we are not short of anything in Seychelles. We have reformed our system of social protection to enhance its efficiency. And reforms will continue. Reforms also apply for Health and Education. We have built more houses. We have created more jobs. We have created more small businesses and made more credit available to small Seychellois entrepreneurs. Our foreign exchange reserves have increased from US$23 million to over US$500 million. We have graduated from the status of a middle income country to one of high-income. At the same time, we have reinforced our state institutions. We have strengthened our democracy, and reformed our laws where necessary. And this has allowed our people to play a more active role in the political and socioeconomic life of our country.

Yes, we have made much progress. We have transformed our country. And all this – including the reforms we have undertaken – represent a decisive step in the history of modern Seychelles. But history does not stop there. The time has now come for us to undertake another step, one even more dynamic, in the history of nation.

I, as the President of all Seychellois, have always put the future, the progress and the interests of Seychelles above all political consideration. Even above the interests of my own political party. I have always worked for all Seychellois. And I shall continue to work for all Seychellois. The trust that the people have placed in me when I assumed office has reinforced my conviction in this approach. The trust that you have placed in me in two consecutive elections bear vibrant testimony to your desire to reject division and to continue along the road to progress in a climate of peace, security and national unity.

But what do we see today? We are facing different proposals – which are often contradictory and cause confusion – on the future of our country. Different political parties are proposing diverse alternative “developments". It is their right and their choice in a country which is open, tolerant and democratic, like Seychelles. But those alternatives which they propose are creating confusion, allegations and speculation. They lack substance and coherence. Their only aim is to remove James Michel from power. But it is the people of Seychelles – and only the people of Seychelles – who can decide that.

So the time has come for us to decide whether or not we want to continue following the path which we have embarked upon together. The time has come for us to decide – once more – what kind of future we want for our country, for our family, for our children. The time has come for the people of Seychelles to make their decision.

It is for this reason that I have decided – in accordance with Article 52A (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles – to declare my intention to call for a presidential election. The proclamation of the election will appear will be published in the Official Gazette tomorrow, 2nd October. As for the date of the election, this will be decided by the Electoral Commission.

Dear People of Seychelles

I have decided to come before you to solicit another term of office as President of the Republic of Seychelles, as permitted by the Constitution. This will be my third and last term of office. I am not doing it because I want power, not because I want to stay in power. I am doing it because I want to continue the work I have started. I have the experience that you can trust. And what we have accomplished together is testimony to the confidence that you have placed in me, and which you continue to place in me. I still have the strength, the energy and the desire to do good for Seychelles. We do not have to start all over again, but continue that great project of building the New Seychelles. And I am ready to continue with you. I want to continue keeping our country on the right path of development, progress, stability and unity which my successor will inherit. My only wish is to ensure the best possible conditions for the future of our country, and the future of our children.

This election will decide who the people think is best able to represent their interests at all possible levels. Who is it who can lead them in confronting the new challenges before us.
I ask that you all simply be inspired by the results of the work we have undertaken together. I ask the people of Seychelles to be inspired by all the opportunities that exist in our country. I ask the people of Seychelles to let themselves be inspired by the strength and brilliance of Seychelles shines on the international arena. Let us be inspired by our national unity. Let us be inspired by our aspirations. Let us be inspired by the values of our people. Let us be led by the values which have guided us up to now. It is these great values that distinguish us, and which are the source of our unity and our strength. These are the values that will guide us in the future. It is these values which are ingrained in us and which make us proclaim with joy “We are proud to be Seychellois!"

I have great confidence in the future of Seychelles. I have great confidence in the people of Seychelles: in their maturity and wisdom. I have confidence in the support of the people.

Together, we shall triumph. Together, for greater progress. Together for even greater stability and unity. Together, always together, for Seychelles.

Thank you. May God continue to bless Seychelles.


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