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eTN awarded Tourism New Zealand to be added to THE LIST

eTN awarded Tourism New Zealand to be added to THE LIST ( Tourism New Zealand has been added to THE LIST by eTurboNews. Tourism New Zealand is the second destination after Sedona, Arizona, USA, to receive this award. So how does one make it on THE LIST?

Anyone can nominate a hotel, destination, attraction, airline, person, cruise, or restaurant based on a best moment or experience. THE LIST is not about rating how “luxurious” something is. It is more about how much something is appreciated or different.

There are no fees to nominate or to earn an award addition to THE LIST.

Brazilian traveler, Karem Basulto, appealed to eTN to add Tourism New Zealand to the list of destinations awarded this prestigious recognition.

eTN Reader, Karem Basulto, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, said: “New Zealand is a complete destination, with luxurious experiences, vibrant cities, preserved environment, and hospitable people."

“I attended Trenz, New Zealand´s major tourism fair, last year, and was surprised by the organization and many options that they had prepared for their visitors. It was in Auckland, but after the trade show, I went to Rotorua and could realize how many experiences they can provide to visitors - in adventure tourism, health, gastronomy, as well as luxurious experiences.

“I am a Brazilian travel writer that has been traveling for the last 15 years as a professional. I used to work for a travel and tourism newspaper, attending many international trade fairs.”

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Kevin Bowler, said: “I am delighted to hear that New Zealand has been recognized as a top destination and was added by eTN to THE LIST.

New Zealand is a country that loves to welcome visitors and gives them the kind of holiday experiences they are still talking about long after they have returned home.”

eTN Publisher Juergen T. Steinmetz said: “I never had the privilege of traveling to New Zealand, but as a neighbor here in the Pacific and with new direct flights from Honolulu, I am now inspired to check it out. We’re pleased to add New Zealand as the first non-US destination to THE LIST."

The New Zealand Tourism Board goes on with their statement:

“New Zealand’s diversity - landscape, climate, and people - has turned this small South Pacific country into a major tourism destination, far exceeding its global imprint. New Zealand is a young country - a nation that’s fresh and welcoming, and a place to enjoy life as it should be.

New Zealand’s two main and countless off-shore islands offer contrasting geography and a temperate climate setting the scene for outdoor adventures and a unique Pacific lifestyle. Likewise, New Zealanders are the product of diversity - Māori, European, Pacific Island, and Asian - together forming a rich cultural landscape.

New Zealand offers a number of tourism activities, and there is something on offer for backpackers as well as travelers looking for luxury. One could find themselves skiing on a mountain, white-water rafting down rivers, and tasting world-renowned wines, all in one day. Everything is close in New Zealand which lets tourists experience the beautiful country with ease.”

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PHOTO: Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Kevin Bowler

MEDIA CONTACT: Thomas Steinmetz. 1-808-536-1100,

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