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“Moutya Festival” in Seychelles enjoys its 2nd edition back at Anse Royale as island's Minister for Culture congratulates Seychelles Music Association

“Moutya Festival” in Seychelles enjoys its 2nd edition back at Anse Royale as island's Minister for Culture congratulates Seychelles Music Association ( Thousands of people descended on Anse Royale during the weekend of July 4 and 5 to celebrate the 2nd edition of the SeyMas (Seychelles Music Association) “Moutya Festival.”

Mr. Patel Esparon, the Acting Chairman of SeyMas, flanked by Alain Bacco and other members of the musician's association were all present as they proudly launched the second edition of the island's Moutya Festival. Moutya is the traditional dance of Seychelles where the sounds of the drums bring out the rhythm that originated from the macabre part of the island's history. Today, the Seychellois people as a whole appreciate this cultural dance, and the popularity of the sounds of the moutya drums have been heard right around the country since SeyMas, (the Seychelles Music Association) started staging such public performances that has been showcasing moutya to the young and old.

Mr. Patel Esparon, the Acting Chairman of SeyMas (the Seychelles Music Association), invited Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, to join the musicians at Anse Royale to support them in their drive to bring the Seychelles culture to the people and help also in the promotion of creativity.

“It is really pleasing to see so many of our musicians gathered together to perform at an event that is bringing to the forefront our local culture. On behalf of the Ministry responsible for Culture, we salute them for standing up as defendants of the island's culture," said Minister St.Ange as he discussed with the artists and the gathered crowd.

Jimmy Savy, the CEO of NAC, the Seychelles National Arts Council, said when he was invited on stage to address the gathered public and artists that SeyMas needed to be congratulated for their work that was helping to put the island's local music in its rightful place. Mr. Savy also reminded everyone that it was only one year ago since SeyMas staged the first edition of the musical event we now know as the Moutya Festival. Mr. Jimmy Savy also used the opportunity to mark the continued commitment of Minister Alain St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Culture, saying that his support has enabled artists and musicians to be better recognized as professionals with a real purpose.

Minister Alain St.Ange said when he was invited to address the crowd that SeyMas, the association representing the artists and musicians of Seychelles, needed to be congratulated for their commitment in their work for the development of music in Seychelles. “I was present when SeyMas organized their first edition of what we are now calling the Moutya Festival. I followed the association and musicians as they toured Seychelles. Every time and on every single occasion we see thousands of Seychellois and visitors to Seychelles gathered to enjoy the sounds of local Seychellois music. Our culture is the one thing that unites us, and this is so because our culture exists, because it is our very own people who were at the center to build on what we have as culture today when we say culture is placing our people in the forefront," Minister St.Ange said.

The Minister responsible for Culture went on to say that the Seychellois, young and old, should continue to be united behind the island's culture.


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