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Seychelles follows the launching of the Inner Islands Home and Industry Fair – Zil Pros An Mouvman

Seychelles follows the launching of the Inner Islands Home and Industry Fair – Zil Pros An Mouvman ( President James Michel of the Seychelles attended the launching of the Inner Islands Home and Industry Fair yesterday, being held at Grand Anse Praslin under the theme “Zil Pros An Mouvman.” The fair has been organized to mark Constitution Day by the National Day Celebration Committee in collaboration with the Inner Islands Committee.

Following the opening of the fair by the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation, Mr. Michael Benstrong, and touring of the exhibits, President Michel has described it as a most interesting one and one of the biggest exhibitions that he had seen so far on Praslin, which also covers the inner islands.

“What I have seen today, showcases many aspects; it's an evolution through history of the different phases of life here on Praslin and La Digue, whereby you can see how things were before and how they have developed over the years. It shows also our vision for the future. For me it has not only been an exhibition from our history and educational past but also an opportunity where Praslinois and Digois have been able to show their achievements, what they are doing, and where they want to reach in the future. This shows their knowledge in entrepreneurship on these two islands, and also highlight their talents in arts and crafts," said the President in an interview with the local media.

During the touring of the exhibition, the President said that he noted with pleasure that a lot of young people had launched, or are preparing to launch, themselves into small- to medium-sized businesses. Mr. Michel encouraged them to keep on learning from their parents as well as others around them, so that they can be more innovative, develop their talents, and succeed in their respective businesses.

“The government should give more attention to those two islands and facilitate their interests in entrepreneurship, especially the youths. On La Digue, we had a plan some years ago to put in place an artisanal village; I believe we need to speed up and implement that plan. For Praslin, we had a lot of projects in developing the artisanal sectors. The government should emphasize its efforts in developing entrepreneurship, not only in artisanal but in other sectors as well," said President Michel.

He continued, “Another important thing that I have seen through this exhibition, is its environmental aspects. More than ever, more efforts are being shown by different organizations on Praslin in collaboration with people on Mahé, in sensitizing our people on the necessity to protect our natural heritage sites, such as Fond Boffay and Vallée de Mai which are unique."

The President also emphasized the need for sustainable development in relation to the environment, where he said that the population should be sensitized more on how to protect and manage the environment, not those people who are in business.

The fair which will continue until today, is showcasing the activities of about forty participants from different sectors such as education, health, tourism, housing, construction, Small Enterprise Promotion Agency, renewable energy, communication, environment, arts and crafts, and agriculture among many others. Through the exhibits, the public are able to learn how those sectors were functioning in the past, their various projects and how they have evolved over the years.

While on Praslin, the President also attended the inauguration ceremony of the Eve Island Cargo terminal, where he unveiled a commemorative plaque.

The President was accompanied at the fair by the Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam; Minister for Health, Mrs. Mitcy Larue; Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange; Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation, Mr. Michael Benstrong; Principal Secretary for Community&Sport, Mr. Denis Rose Member of the National Assembly for Baie Ste. Anne Praslin; Hon. Nathasia Esther, Member of the National Assembly for Grand Anse Praslin; Hon. Marc Volcere , Central Committee Member for Baie Ste. Anne Praslin; Mrs. Rannie Jeanne, the Director General Public Affairs in the Office of the President; Mrs. Doreen Arnephy, District Administrator for Grand Anse Praslin; Mr. Moses Barbe and District Administrator for Baie Ste. Anne Praslin, Mr. Kenneth Pointe.

PHOTO: An officer from the Postal Office on Praslin explaining to the President the developments in postal services.


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