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Scent Marketing Institute announces 2008 SMItty Awards- And the winner is -

Scent Marketing Institute announces 2008 SMItty Awards- And the winner is - ( (Scarsdale, NY, July 21st, 2008) — During a festive dinner at the recent SCENTworld CONFERENCE&EXPO 2008, the Scent Marketing Institute announced this year's winners of the SMItty Awards. According to the Institute's founder, Harald H. Vogt, “the individuals that we honor and their companies are instrumental in shaping the future of our quickly expanding industry. They are proof that Scent Marketing is not a fad but a viable solution to engage the consumer, improve product perception and generate sales."  

The Awards, named after famous individuals with a knack for using scent in their respective professions, went to

“The McCarthy Award", Best New Proven Technology:
Steven M. Landau, CTO/CMO of ScentSational Technologies in Jenkintown, PA, for groundbreaking work on scented and flavored packaging technologies for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other consumer products. ScentSational is the global leader in developing, patenting and licensing Olfaction Packaging technologies which involves adding FDA approved food grade flavors and fragrances to packaging components at the time of manufacturing. ScentSational has developed low cost proprietary formulation and manufacturing practices to apply its technology and develop unique packaging solutions that satisfy the demand for enhanced aroma delivery from a wide array of  branded consumer products. 

“The Bradbury Award", Best New Concept:
Juan Miguel Antonanzas de Toledo of A de Aroma in Madrid/Spain for his efforts to build a European network of “scent system operators" that enables scent delivery equipment manufacturers to retain a group of trained professionals to service markets that they weren't able to operate in otherwise. According to Vogt, “reaching critical mass in scent marketing remains an obstacle for both the supply and demand side and A de Aroma's concept brings the industry a large step closer to achieving this goal." 

“The Nero Award", Most Unique Implementation:
Clément Jeanjean, CEO of Presensia in Paris/France for unique implementation of scent marketing technology by incorporating scent delivery systems in state of the art digital presentation devices - the SCENTYS line - creating a multisensory experience at the Point of Sale, for product and sales training and special events. “Research shows that when shopping - especially for luxury goods - the consumer wants to be entertained, and that's what the SCENTYS products do extremely well" Vogt stated.
SCENTworld CONFERENCE&EXPO - the very first conference of its kind worldwide - was attended by 250 individuals from 15 different countries. The Scent Marketing Institute's mission is to serve as a destination for information, research, events, education, advice and discussion regarding the use of scent in marketing strategies and branding programs. It also represents the industry in helping to establish guidelines and ethical standards for using scent technologies responsibly and serves as an advocate for the industry's acceptance and growth.

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Contact: Harald H. Vogt, phone (646) 236-4606 e-mail:

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