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Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC Offers Processing for all Types of Immigration Waivers

( The landscape of U.S. legal immigration services is changing. Immigration waivers are becoming more widely utilized by more individuals in order to help them avoid certain penalties and remain in the U.S. under a lawful status. In response to the increasing number of individuals seeking immigration waivers, Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC is now offering immigration waiver services including I-601 waiver and I-601A waiver processing.

Along with offering affordable immigration waiver processing, Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC is hoping to spread awareness of the usefulness of the I-601 and I-601A waiver which have significant benefits for those who qualify. Both waivers can allow qualifying individuals to avoid penalties for “unlawful presence" or, time spend in the U.S. without being under a lawful status. The penalties for unlawful presence can be a 3 year or even a 10 year bar on lawful re-entry to the U.S., depending on how much time the individual has accrued in the U.S. without a lawful status.

Both waivers are based on the idea of “extreme hardship", which is why these waivers are also commonly referred to as “extreme hardship waivers". The term, “extreme hardship" has a specific legal definition that must be satisfied in order for an individual to qualify for either waiver. To satisfy the requirements for extreme hardship, the court must determine that if the applicant is removed from the U.S., the qualifying relative (individual related to the applicant) would suffer a hardship that is worse than the hardship experienced by an ordinary familial separation.

Although both waivers are very similar, there is a key difference between who is eligible for the two waivers:

1) The I-601 Hardship Waiver can only be submitted after an official immigration interview overseas.

2) The I-601A Waiver can be submitted by an individual while in the U.S.

Different types of immigration waivers also exist that can help individuals avoid penalties for certain events in their past. These are all forms of hardship waivers and include:

• Criminal Conviction Waiver

• Misrepresentation or Fraud Waiver

• Nonimmigrant Waiver

A common misconception that many individuals make with immigration waivers is that they are simple and can be managed without help from a licensed immigration lawyer. However, both the I-601 and I-601A hardship waivers need to be managed by legal professionals because of their potential to trigger a three year or ten year bar. However, potential candidates should not be deterred from these waivers due to the benefit of allowing individuals to surpass standard penalties.

About Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC :

Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC is an immigration law firm located at 3900 University Dr #100, Fairfax, VA, 22030 and is owned by immigration rights advocate, Beeraj Patel, Esq. The firm's focus is providing quality service in the field of immigration law through affordable and professional assistance. Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC can be reached at (703) 594-4040.

Company Name: Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC Contact Person: Beeraj Patel Email: Phone: 703-594-4040 Address:3900 University Dr #100 City: Fairfax State: Virginia Country: United States Website:

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