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CompleteSpeech Provides Online Live Video Training of Biofeedback Technology for Speech Therapy with the SmartPalate

( “A CompleteSpeech training session."
Speech therapists and parents of children with speech and communication difficulties are finding help because of live video training offered by CompleteSpeech for free with the latest breakthrough technology.
Orem, UT – CompleteSpeech now offers a live online video training of the SmartPalate, technology that has proven very successful for children and adults struggling with communications problems, particularly those who are dealing with verbal articulation difficulties.

The company offers information on a website at and appointments can be made at

“The SmartPalate System removes guessing from speech therapy by showing students exactly where their tongue is supposed to touch their palate to produce different speech sounds. This biofeedback system consists of a customized acrylic mouthpiece with sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contact (the SmartPalate) and a software program which allows students to use the feedback to match their tongue placement to the articulation patterns for their target sounds. These ‘tongue targets’ allow speech therapy students to quickly produce sounds they have previously struggled to say simply by positioning their tongue to light up the corresponding dots or contact points for that sound,” explained Dan Smith, chief operating officer.

Speech-language pathologists are guiding students through major and minor adjustments with perfect understanding, according to Smith. He says students are spending their time building proper habits, by practicing sounds at home in exactly the same way as they learned in therapy sessions.

“Progress is much faster than other therapy methods. It’s actually fun for the students, and because they can see their success it is motivating and exciting,” said Smith.

“I was almost in tears during a session with a boy who has horrific speech. He produced a perfect, beautiful ‘R’ sound on the third session. I about fell out of my chair. I am just super excited about this thing! Wow," said Colleen Mitchell, a certified speech language pathologist.

Faster success also means costs are reduced. Parents are saving months, even years of financial and emotional costs associated with speech therapy. School districts are reducing caseloads for students who need more long-term treatment and building teams of effective and satisfied SLPs. Private clinics are expanding with new clients and effectively making a difference in their communities.

Company Name: CompleteSpeech Contact Person: Reese Hansen Email: Phone: 877-710-6031 City: Orem State: Utah Country: United States Website:

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