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Fregate Island Private keeping up “Seychelles Brand” image

Fregate Island Private keeping up “Seychelles Brand” image ( Fregate Island Private’s secluded resort success story in environmental conservation and intensive regular maintenance of its tourism infrastructure results in high occupancy rates which shows that they are promoting the “Seychelles Brand” in a way to make the islands proud.

Managed since August 2013 as part of the Oetker Collection, which is a German group of best luxury hotels in the world, Fregate Island Private cemented its strength of an “ultra-luxury resort’’ by acquiring the right management tools to run the property and engaging its workers in understanding the property’s vision of offering an “extraordinary product."

Wayne Kafcsak, Fregate Island Private General Manager, who has spent 37 years in hotel management in the Caribbean and as a GM from the Oetker Collection, Master Piece Hotels, runs the resort with the drive for excellence.

“At Fregate Island Private, we have to do the best. We have to make sure we are better than our competitors in the Indian Ocean, as we meet staff expectations to be ready for our international travelers.”

Fregate Island Private takes pride in its product.

“We don’t need mass market tourism, but instead strive to remain extraordinary in what we offer,” says Wayne Kafcsak.

“Fregate Island Private’s vision of excellence is what gives Seychelles Brand its edge," said Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, on his door-to-door hotel visits which last week took him to the secluded resort. The Minister said that he was impressed by Fregate Island Private’s tireless efforts to remain part and parcel of the Seychelles Brand.

“Fregate Island Private’s maintenance of the property and environmental protection are very successful. Its management's vision is to see the resort grow and for it to prosper. When the resort grows, the Seychelles Brand remains on a firm footing,” said Minister St.Ange.

The Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said that Seychelles by itself will not grow its tourism industry unless all the island's Unique Selling Points (USPs) are safeguarded and publicized in the world of tourism.

“Fregate Island Private is part of Seychelles. It must continue working to remain part of the Seychelles Brand,” the Minister said.

Fregate Island Private has only 17 villas and is run by 180 workers, among which half are Seychellois. Fregate Island Private’s pool of foreign workers is composed of 31 nationalities.

Fregate Island Private’s management vision remains “working towards the same goal” and it keeps its workers on solid ground.

Touring the property, Minister St.Ange; Anne Lafortune, Principal Secretary of Tourism; Benjamine Rose, Principal Secretary of Culture; and Sherin Naiken, Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board met the workers and listened to their concerns. Minister St.Ange said he had taken stock of what the team members say are “the workers’ challenges.”

He added that his Ministry will “meet with Fregate Island Private’s management team to discuss these challenges and create an even more conducive environment for the workers to deliver even more for Seychelles.”

Speaking with the workers, Minister St.Ange called for unity.

“Seychellois and foreigners should continue to work together as a united team for the resort to remain part of the backbone of the Seychelles Brand of tourism,” he said.

He also called on management and every foreign worker employed in the Seychelles tourism industry to respect the people of Seychelles. “You are here to be part of our team, work alongside your local colleagues, but do so showing respect. This point will be an essential point in renewal of GOPs,” the Minister said.

Fregate Island Private is owned by a private investor. The island was bought in 1976, and the resort opened in 1998. The island’s 219 hectares is a haven for key native and endemic species of Seychelles.

The preservation and protection of the island’s wildlife has always been a fundamental objective of Fregate Island Private. It takes pride in the island’s conservation legacy.

One of its most successful stories is the conservation of Seychelles Magpie Robin, the island’s most precious bird. The island recovery program run by the Seychelles Magpie Robin Recovery team (SMaRT) enables the island to conserve the Seychelles Magpie Robin’s original population.

The resort also takes pride in being self-sufficient, by growing 75% its fruits and vegetables. Fregate Island Private is now focusing on a more ambitious project of growing strawberries and giving a fresh coat to its hydroponic center.


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