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Historical Fiction Novel Captures The Time And Essence OF The American Civil War

( “A Voice in the Wind by author Donald Risho and Outskirts Press."
Author Donald Risho is pleased to announce the promotion of his historical fiction novel, A Voice in the Wind. This is a romantic novel dating back to that ill-fated period in history, the American Civil War. Fictional characters are placed into historical events with notable personalities. A variety of diverse individuals encounter one another and weave an intricate web of unforgettable episodes. Everyone in the story is reluctantly caught in the turmoil of that dismal period.
Hearts Taken Captive in the Tragedy of War…

The four years of the American Civil War changed a country forever. North against South, brother against brother, ideals and politics, ethics and humanism met in a mighty clash that still resonates today. The lives of civilians were uprooted and torn apart, even as many foresaw the birth of a new nation and a new way of life. A Voice in the Wind is the story of David, a shy young schoolteacher from New Hampshire, who is swept up in the maelstrom of war. The daily struggles, sufferings, and triumphs of a historic period are shown through David’s eyes, and through his journal he keeps detailing his experiences.

Come along on a timeless journey of love, endurance, and the transcendence of the human spirit against all odds as David’s life is changed by battle, by the shortages and privations of war, and by the great men and remarkable scoundrels who change his life…and who change the course of American history.

A Voice in the Wind is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:

A Voice in the Wind
By Donald Risho
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1432712075 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1432777142 (hc)
Genre: Historical Fiction

About The Author:

Donald Risho's life has been dedicated to creative expression, including twenty-five memorable years in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where he studied painting. Donald had the opportunity to live without a television, a telephone, or a car, allowing him the space and stillness to meditate and work from the heart. These years focused Donald's belief that all creative work is an outward expression of the soul. A cross-country bus trip in 1981 gave Donald a first-hand experience of the panoramic landscapes of America, and a Civil War love story came to his mind, sparked by the hours of travel and the sights he absorbed. He spent two decades researching and writing A Voice in the Wind. This is his debut novel.

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