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Stock’s captivating research charts the evolution of design thinking

( What on Earth is Design? – A Designing for Life Primer&DNA Primer chronicles the evolution of design concepts with the aid of 400 beautiful thought-provoking images.
Gregory Stock, a US international holistic design consultant in SE Asia, takes an innovative, uniquely holistic and analytical approach to defining design. He finds it fascinating, frustrating, overwhelmingly complex and incredibly beautiful – all at the same time.

His latest work, What on Earth is Design? – A Designing for Life Primer&DNA Template, is an astonishingly inclusive design reference book which attempts to make sense of design in general by examining continually evolving design terminology. More than five years in the making, it includes nearly 400 beautiful and intriguing illustrations.

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“I come from a large family of international artists and communicators,” explains Stock, who until quite recently taught at the Graduate School of International Design and Advanced Studies (IDAS) in Seoul, South Korea, for eight years. “Design and conceptualizing are part of my DNA.”

“Although I’ve been interested in evolving design and sustainability concepts since the mid-’60s, nobody seems to have been able to really define or answer questions about them adequately.”

So Stock took it upon himself to undertake this epic undertaking. In the process, he examined a wide array of diverse design information from more than 500 disparate sources. After several unsuccessful attempts, he eventually devised a way to organize and make sense of it all.

“At first I was overwhelmed by the complexity and amount of information,” he recalls. “It was pretty challenging but I was eventually able to identify no less than six fundamental design elements followed by an additional 300 design-relevant variables.”

His innovative, hypothetical and analytical design methodology proposes a credible means by which everything that has ever been intentionally designed may eventually be evaluated and traced back to its originator(s).

“In the process, an originator’s identity, motivation, weighed design values and ultimate design objectives all become considerably more transparent,” says Stock.

The budget for this ambitious and comprehensive design research&book project is $29,000. Stock also hopes to produce more videos and a new genre of both innovative and engaging educational computer games utilizing this extensive design-relevant material. In order to assist with generating the necessary funding, Stock has also launched a Kickstarter campaign, which may be viewed at

Donations of practically any amount will most certainly be very much appreciated. For as little as $10, backers will receive an abridged digital download edition of What on Earth is Design? – A Designing for Life Primer&DNA Template. The entire 220+ A-4 page, unabridged design reference edition, including 400 colorful illustrations, is available for a nominal $50 pledge.

For $100, you can get both digital versions and have your named credited in both editions.

“This unusually inclusive design reference book is the culmination of a lifelong fascination with both the intentional and unintentional shaping of our singular ly beautiful but increasingly fragile planetary environment from a state-of-the-art holistic design perspective,” says Stock.

Regarding questions or additional information, please visit or Stock’s own website,

Stock can be reached directly either at href=""> or href="">

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Fundamental Design Element (6 of 6) - Metaphysics

Company Name: Ecologically Creative Community Concept Contact Person: Gregory Stock Email: Phone: 888-527-0509 City: Atlanta State: GA Country: United States Website:

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