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Real Estate Professional – Your True Friend When Buying a House

( Buying a house is a major turning point in any one’s life. It is not an individual decision but the entire family gets involved. Lot of spade work is to be done, like selecting the locality and the budget. Visit to the various places on offer. Compare the various features of the property and the prices. Decide on the pros and cons of each property. Benjamin Pure is of the opinion that it is best to retain a real estate professional.

Manifold duties of a real estate professional:

1. It is extremely time consuming to view all and sundry listed properties. Many may not meet your requirements. Real estate professionals will do the basic screening of the property and ensure it meets your needs. Saves your time.

2. The real estate professional knows the locality and is generally aware of the properties listed for sale. He has on hand information about schools, parks, shops, local taxes and public transport in the area.

3. He is aware of the current ruling prices and deals in that area. He will recommend a fair price. He has the knowledge if it is a distress sale and can hit a bargain for early payment. Benjamin Pure says this is a huge advantage and saves bucks.

4. Can negotiate the best price for you and also maintain confidentiality.

5. Will help with all paper work.

Be at Peace:

Finding a good house is just half of the job. We have to check the titles are clear and marketable. Ensure the payments are made as per the agreement. Check that there are no major leakages or other electrical shortages. When payment is made and documentation is complete there has to be a smooth transition and take over.

At every stage the real estate professional’s services will be required. Benjamin Pure says that all real estate professional’s fees are the same. It is a value proposition to have a real estate professional alongside at this once-in-a-life time event of buying a house.

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