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Air China's Schedule of New and Enhanced Services for the Summer and Autumn 2008 Comes Out

Air China's Schedule of New and Enhanced Services for the Summer and Autumn 2008 Comes Out ( On March of 2008, Air China, the country's only national flag carrier, announced its schedule of new and added services for the summer and autumn 2008. Please refer to the following for details.

1. New: Chengdu-Dalian-Osaka-Dalian-Chengdu, Starting March 30

CA151/2, 3 weekly flights on Monday/Wednesday/ Saturday, A319
Outbound flight departs from Chengdu at 0825, arrives in
Dalian at 1120, departs from Dalian at 12:20, and arrives in
Osaka at 15:30. Inbound flight departs Osaka at 16:30, arrives
in Dalian at 18:00, departs from Dalian at 19:00, and arrives
in Chengdu at 22:15.

2. New: Shanghai Pudong-Milan-Shanghai Pudong, Starting March 30, 2008

CA973/4, 4 weekly flights on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday, A340
Outbound flight departs at 01:30 and arrives at 08:05. Inbound flight
departs at 12:30 and arrives at 06:00.

3. New: Beijing-Pyongyang-Beijing, Starting March 31, 2008

CA121/2, 3 weekly flights on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, B733
Outbound flight departs at 13:40 and arrives at 16:20. Inbound flight
departs at 17:20 and arrives at 18:05.

4. Enhanced: Beijing-Paris-Beijing, Starting March 31, 2008

CA963/4, 4 more flights a week on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday,
Outbound flight departs at 02:00 and arrives at 06:30. Inbound flight
departs at 14:00 and arrives at 05:55.

5. New: Beijing-Jinjiang-Beijing, Starting April 16, 2008

CA1895/6, 3 weekly flights on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday, B737
Outbound flight departs at 10:55 and arrives at 13:30. Inbound flight
departs at 14:30 and arrives at 17:10.

6. New: Beijing-Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou, Starting March 30, 2008

CA1415, Daily, B737/A319
Flight departs from Beijing at 10:00, arrives in Chengdu at 12:30,
departs from Chengdu at 15:00, and arrives in Jiuzhaigou at 15:45.

7. New: Guangzhou-Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou, Starting March 30, 2008

CA4310, Daily, A319
Flight departs from Guangzhou at 08:00, arrives in Chengdu at 09:55,
departs from Chengdu at 12:20 and arrives in Jiuzhaigou at 13:05.

8. New: Shenzhen-Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou, Starting March 30, 2008

CA4330, Daily, A319
Flight departs from Shenzhen at 08:20, arrives in Chengdu at 10:50,
departs from Chengdu at 13:55, and arrives in Jiuzhaigou at 14:45.

Note: All times listed above are local. The times shown in the CRS are deemed final.

CONTACT: Han Xiao, +86-10-61462395, or fax, +86-10-61462392, or Air China

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