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( Renowned Manufacturers Announce Data Transformation Facility!
Hair manufacturers were producing prototype Wigs for usage by assorted customers and hair loss sufferers. These Wigs by their manufacturing process were of substandard quality, for the main reason that the measurements of the scalp of the end-users were not available at the manufacturer’s end, and they had to rely upon “guess work” for this. The announcement made today by, the popular hair replacement system manufacturers online has been a breakthrough achievement, and comes as good news for hair loss sufferers worldwide.

A Wig is a devise of attaching hair follicles or synthetic yarns in the place of human hair upon a linen cloth base, and supplied to those people suffering from the hair loss problems including premature baldness. With these Wigs the user can cover their scalp after getting the Wig fixed by salon crew or assistants in a beauty parlor. The off-the-shelf Wigs were of almost the same sizes and hair-color, as well as not up to the mark in other parameters like density, length and hair direction etc.

The salon crew adjusts the Wig to the length and breadth of the user’s scalp, and attaches the Wig with hairpins and such other tools. Yet these Wigs were the only solution for those sufferers of premature baldness, to conceal the awkward appearance of barren scalp at the prime age, and thereby manage to come out of the psychological inferiority complex.

The defects and deficiencies existed in these Wigs were arising out of the manufacturer’s inability, to get the details of the individual measurements of the end-user’s scalp, and their craftsman had to depend upon only “approximation” for these parameters. has found a perfect solution for these shortcomings, with the use of upgraded technology. As per the announcement made today, helps each and every customer visiting their site requiring a most-fitting and perfect hair replacement system, men’s toupee, hair pieces and women’s wigs, to transform the precise details taken pertaining to their scalp, into a data-base permanently.

The announcement explains that the prospective customer is exhaustively guided with the full details of the hair replacement systems, their varieties and different categories and provides extensive options for the customer, on all aspects like Hair Base type, color, length, texture, density and hair direction etc. with the details published clearly at their site.

With this guidance, the customers can exercise their option to select the one from the stock items of hair replacement systems, or the ones exclusively customized for their use. In the case of customization, the customer is guided as how to take the measurements of the head in different angles, through step-by-step illustration photographs.

These measurements can be drawn into a plastic sheet as Template, and sent back to as their database. This database is kept as permanent information for the craftsmen to evolve, design and supply the best-fitting, superfine quality hair replacement system, exclusively for the customer’s use.

For full details customers can visit:

Company Name: OpenTheWind Contact Person: Lokee Email: Phone: 8618862166837 Country: China Website:

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