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Louis André Goulay wins bronze at world championships in Kyokushin Karate

Louis André Goulay wins bronze at world championships in Kyokushin Karate ( Louis André Goulay competed with the world's best fighters on the tatami in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he participated in the Kyokushin World Junior Karate Championship on March 21. This youngest Honorary Ambassador of Reunion Island, a European champion in 2014 in kata and fighting, won the bronze medal on site, becoming the third best karateka in the world in this category.

Twenty-eight nations and no less than 485 top-level fighters were enrolled in the Kyokushin World Junior Karate Championship for 2015. In total, 7 fighters were retained in the group along with Goulay Louis André, who gave it his all, despite the cold of Thessaloniki.

He arrived in the quarterfinals without too much difficulty, and faced with a Polish contendor, taking two warnings for unauthorized leg techniques in the class. Nevertheless, the judges finally decided on a draw and requested an extension of the same duration as the initial time. This time limit allowed Louis André Goulay to send two mawashi (spin kicks) in a battle won by Ippon – the highest obtainable score during a fierce battle.

Only seven minutes later, This Pei Tiger was called again to the central tatami where he fought in the semi-final against a Russian who had not fought before. During the fight, the Russian gave him a kick in the lower abdomen, which is usually forbidden. Breathless, Louis André Goulay had to continue to fight, as the judges refused the presence of a doctor at that time. With great difficulty and facing a bigger and heavier opponent, he had to bow to finish third in the world rankings. Louis André Goulay should be looking to seek revenge in the next two years, while in the meantime, he demonstrated a beautiful will power to compete.

Beyond the competition, Louis André Goulay also fulfilled his ambassadorial mission to honor Reunion Island by distributing brochures and DVDs to the Australian, Belgian, Swiss, Greek, and English delegations.

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