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A Collection of Highly Original "D'Apres" Paintings Decorate the Rooms of the Art Hotel in Rome

A Collection of Highly Original "D'Apres" Paintings Decorate the Rooms of the Art Hotel in Rome ( 46 works by contemporary artists ranging from Giotto to Lichtenstein

You wake up in room 406 with Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna with the Carnation and Lady with an Ermine before your eyes, reinterpreted by Angela Volpi. You go into 306 and find two paintings by Van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles and Chair with Pipe, as seen by Mario Fani. If you prefer the surrealism of Marc Chagall, you will enjoy staying in 405, where a version of Promenade by Enrico Tenaglia has pride of place. And if Cézanne is your favourite painter, just ask for 305 so that you can admire Portrait of the Gardener, interpreted by Anna Keen. And so on, from Giotto to Lichtenstein, every room has its “D’Après” painting.

Altogether a total of 46 works, 30 cm x 40 cm, by 46 contemporary artists specially commissioned by Palenca Luxury Hotels, decorate the rooms of the Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps in Via Margutta, Rome. The works are all “D’Après”, that is, works in which painters of today have “reinterpreted” famous paintings by artists from the past, from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, and from all over the world. The old masters used to practise by copying. D’Après is a product of the modern age, not a copy but an original, autonomous work, inspired by superb works from the past, from all periods and countries, including Simone Martini, Rembrandt, Turner, Mondrian, De Chirico and Hopper.

All the well-known hotel brands are proud to be able to furnish their hotels with quality works of art, but in the end it is only the quality and prominence of the works that vary. But the Hotel Art, which stands in Via Margutta, in fact – Rome’s street of the artists, decided to contextualize the various artistic fields in a coherent manner. And so there is poetry, in the verses by poets of various nationalities that wind along the corridors, written on the floor. There is sculpture, placed around the common areas. As for painting, it was decided to take up the suggestion by well-known painter Paolo Giorgi to involve 45 of his colleagues in a collection of D’Après. The entire cycle of works is presented in a brochure published by the Hotel Art.

The artists who have taken up the challenge range from well-known figures such as Ubaldo Bartolini, Alessandra Giovannoni, Paolo Giorgi, Sergio Sarri, Ruggero Savinio, Alberto Abate, Sonia Alvarez and Jonathan Janson, to highly talented young artists such as Mauro Reggio, Massimo Livadiotti, and Mauro and Anna Keen. A significant number of artists have enthusiastically welcomed the idea of contributing an added “cultural” value to enrich the prestige of the “Palenca Luxury Hotels” brand. It is a Group which has always shown itself to be attentive towards and appreciative of the figurative arts in the furnishing of its hotels, from its first hotel, the Empire Palace Hotel in Via Aureliana in Rome, which remains a destination for art enthusiasts and curious visitors who come to see its unique and valuable collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The works on display at the Empire Palace include graphisms by Daniela Marchitti, paintings by Dora Tassinari and Massimo Catalani, water colours by Valeria Cademartori and a large sculpture of a woman in bronze by Paolo Guiotto. Each floor is decorated with paintings inspired by a different continent, by contemporary artists.

The other hotels that belong to the Palenca Luxury Hotels group are: the Castello della Castelluccia, a hotel relais in the midst of green countryside just outside Rome; the Centro Congressi Roma Eventi-Piazza di Spagna, a magnificent Rome location for high level meetings and events which will always be remembered; and finally the Grand Hotel Europa, a historic 5 star luxury hotel in the centre of Innsbruck, the famous Austrian art city and capital of the Tyrol, in the heart of Europe. The entrepreneurship of the Palenca Luxury Hotels group was recently recognized with the award of the prestigious “Excellent” prize.

Via Margutta, one of the most attractive streets in Rome, just a short walk from Piazza di Spagna and home to painters and sculptors since the seventeenth century, as well as to celebrities from La Dolce Vita and the cinema such as the great Fellini himself, has been home to the Hotel Art since 2003. The lobby (a minimalist passageway in white marble concealed between the art galleries lining its sides) and Hall, once the chapel of the nineteenth century college which occupied the building before its restoration, are very striking. Here there are two large eggs made of white resin, one containing the Reception and the other the Office. The Hall accommodates the tables of the small but well-arranged bar-restaurant. The corridors of the four floors with 46 rooms, are each distinguished by a different colour: blue, orange, yellow and green. Poems in different languages run along the floor at the sides of the corridors, written on two translucent strips. In the rooms, soft colours and wood and leather predominate. For guests who like to keep fit there is a gym, with modern equipment, a sauna and an individual Turkish bath.

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The Hotel Art is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World

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