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MC2.SOLAR/Modern Construction Concepts, LLC unveils the Solar World photo voltaic (PV) panels to revolutionize energy industry

( Your neighbours in Hyde Park, South Tampa will be honoured to witness one of the major turning points in the energy industry. MC2.SOLAR/Modern Construction Concepts, LLC will be installing an 11.5 kilowatt (Kw) 46 Solar World; American made PV panels are to be installed on Dominick Graziano and Dr. Susan Steen's home. This property is on the National Registry for Historic homes celebrating its 100 year anniversary and it is located at 1407 S De Soto Ave, Tampa, Florida.

About MC2.Solar/Modern Construction Concepts, LLC

MC2.Solar/Modern Construction Concepts, LLC is a solar company known for the designing and installing an individual system which greatly reduces electric bills through our efficient solar energy packages. The solar company mainly focuses on transforming their customer’s homes to a state of the art and new technology energy efficient houses. Their solar energy packages includes and are not limited to ductless air conditioning, NEST thermostat, solar attic fans, radiant barriers, hybrid water systems, Emphases inverters, variable speed pool pumps, solar timers and photovoltaic panels (PV). These upgrades are then managed through net metering with their local power companies.

Electric companies are required by federal law to allow customers to feed excess electricity into the grid for some form of credit and many of them have net metering agreements which reimburse customers for electricity fed back into the grid at the prevailing retail rate. Under the net metering, they pay you at the same rate as they would have charged you. Your new solar net meter runs backward during the day giving you credit (+), at night you draw power from your electric company&the meter runs forward debits (-). Debits and credits are reconciled monthly and are reflected in your monthly utility bill. With seasonal variations, typically you will be producing more power than you use = net zero annually. What about storage batteries? No, batteries are not needed for this new electric technology.

In most cases you’re eligible to get a 30% federal tax credit and other incredible rebates. There is special financing: zero out of pocket and you own your own system. You pay off your investment quickly and these improvements increase the value of your home.

Company Name: Modern Construction Concepts, LLC d/b/a MC2.Solar Contact Person: Karin Email: Phone: 813-562-5528 City: Hillsborough County State: Florida Country: United States Website:

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