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Nationally, 911 Activists Families and Investigators join first National Coalition of 911 Week of Truth April 16 thru 22

Nationally, 911 Activists Families and Investigators join first National Coalition of 911 Week of Truth April 16 thru 22 ( “How can two planes knock down three (World Trade Center) buildings? Jet fuel is four-fifths kerosene, it doesn't burn hot. How can three buildings fall at the rate of gravity and turn into powder? I'm just simply questioning the fact that it doesn't add up to me. I have a hard problem accepting the fact that never before in history has a steel structure building fallen at the rate of gravity. Why would the main core beams not bend? And why is it when you ask any question about 9/11 you are immediately attacked?" — Former Governor Jesse Ventura, speaking on Hannity&Colmes, 4/08/08.

Governor Ventura's recent remarks did not fall upon deaf ears. Last week, leaders representing over thirty 9/11 truth groups, including scientists, architects, engineers, physicists, pilots, first responders, teachers, former government officials, celebrities, and loved ones of victims lost on 9/11 – all came together via conference call to organize a series of monthly events, to be known as the Week of Truth. The first, in a series of, scheduled events will take place April 16-22 as a nationwide buy-in of the recently released historical-thriller, THE SHELL GAME. Written by mainstream N.Y. Times best-selling author Steve Alten, The Shell Game is a cautionary tale, written in the guise of a novel that dramatically details the end of oil and the next 9/11 event – a false fla g operation — extrapolated from new investigations of 9/11. The story follows U.S. intelligence operatives as they manipulate two Middle Eastern students into detonating a nuclear suitcase bomb in a major U.S. city – offering the neoconservative factions within our government the excuse needed to launch a chemical weapons bombardment on Iran. Paul Craig Roberts, former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury recently claimed, “Alten was more alert than the media. The SHELL GAME is a must-read.”

As if torn from the book's pages, Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff recently told reporters that his greatest nightmare is “a nuclear suitcase bomb going off in a major U.S. city.” A week later, President Bush, in defending waterboarding tactics, warned “the next 9/11 will make the last 9/11 pale in comparison.” Vice President Dick Cheney recently returned from a trip to the Middle East where he continued to press his case against Iran. Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter predicted an attack on Iran could come “as early as April.”

William Douglas, one of the founders of 9/11 Truth, who helped organize the Week of Truth event, explains, “The Shell Game is this generation’s 1984. By launching it atop best-seller lists, we hope to encourage people who love a good thriller to question the official 9/11 story…and maybe deter a future false flag operation from taking place.”

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To arrange an interview with Steve Alten, contact Ascot Media Group. Email: Ascot Media Group, Inc. Contact: Trish Stevens 1120 Nasa Rd.1, Suite 220 Nassau Bay, TX 77058 Direct: (281) 748-5094

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