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Reunion Island’s 2015 tourism forum focuses on China

Reunion Island’s 2015 tourism forum focuses on China ( Since 2009, the Professional University Institute (IUP) Tourism Institute of Business Administration (IAE) of Reunion Island has organized a symposium every year with a tourism-related theme. Between celebration and reflection, this annual event aims to contribute to the dynamic marketing of destination Reunion Island. This year's conference, under the theme “Reunion – China Land,” will take place on Thursday, April 2, in the capital, St. Denis.

The full-day meeting will allow many of the Reunion Island tourism stakeholders to discuss the topic extensively to answer two major questions:

• What are the cultures of different parts of China, which have marbled, which have merged, which are acculturated in Reunion Island for?

• What are the bridges, media, products for an interchange between China and the Reunion Island tourism market to be sustained?

In ancient times, a stop on the route to India was part of Reunion Island’s history, influenced by people from Africa, Madagascar, Europe, and Asia. The theme of “Reunion – China Land” was chosen for the fifth edition of the conference to recall the historical bridge the island formed between Africa and the Middle Kingdom. If China has influenced the formation of an east-south trade route, this route today deserves to be developed in the same geographical sense but in favor of Reunion Island tourism.

To comprehensively discuss this thesis, the agenda for the day will include such issues as to:

• combine common sense, tradition, and modernity;

• innovate and surprise;

• stay competitive (create jobs and be profitable);

• marry tourism and nature;

• respect binding commitments (labels and certifications);

• be at international standards with advanced technological solutions; and

• integrate innovative technologies without losing its soul.

The objective of the 2015 tourism conference is to bring together the staff of the university, students, and professionals at large (public and private) in order to develop pilot activities for tourism which can benefit the dynamic marketing of Reunion Island.

MEDIA CONTACT: Evelyne Coustillat, Reunion Island Tourism, Phone: +262 (0)262 90 83 69, Fax: +262 (0)262 21 00 21,

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