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Miss Seychelles contestants take delight in learning how to apply make-up professionally

Miss Seychelles contestants take delight in learning how to apply make-up professionally ( Never doubt the power of perfectly-applied make-up, its amazing ability to transform a woman’s looks, accentuate her beauty, disguise her flaws, take years off her age, and boost her confidence.

It was in this spirit that the Seychelles Trading Company partnered with the Seychelles Tourism Board to pamper this year’s “Miss Seychelles…another world” contestants to an all-important make-up training session at the Espace conference room.

Sonia Richard, the manager and representative of the Black Up make-up brand for the Indian Ocean, was on hand to conduct the training on March 28.

This professional make-up artist, who had come down especially for this session, crammed 10 years of experience into 8 hours of training. She shared with the 14 girls some basic techniques regarding how to start applying make-up, what to start with, the importance of identifying your face shape and skin type, and the likes.

“The first thing to do even before applying the make-up is to moisturize, then start with eye make-up before blending in foundation and powder,” instructed Sonia.

After she had demonstrated different looks such as the nude and natural looks on willing models, there were enough Black Up testers around for the girls to practice what was being taught on their own faces. While the girls diligently worked with the brushes, Sonia did an individual session with each contestant so as to suggest the foundation and powder number that would most flatter their skin tone.

Rich in pigment and with 18 different foundation colors, Sonia states that this expert make-up brand, Black Up, is especially appropriate for the mixed blend of races that make up the Seychellois people.

According to her, one make-up item that every girl should never leave the house without is the Black Up correct&cover (CC) cream.

“It will do everything for you - rectify, moisturize, and give your skin a glow along with a healthy look. Even men can wear it,” said Sonia.

Sonia sought to inspire the girls, share her experiences and passion for make-up, and she had managed to achieve that purpose with contestant number seven Gillian Come. Gillian plans on adding Black Up to her makeup collection and applying these tips on a daily basis when she applies her make-up to go to work. She is looking forward to the crowning ceremony and is hoping to go for a natural look with a tint of a glow.

As for contestant number six, Steffanie Underwood, she claims that she is not much of a make-up person since she is more sports oriented. Her love affair with make-up started the day she signed up for the pageant, and the session has further imprinted the importance of make-up for her. She prefers a more earthy look - simple and natural.

Sonia will be coming back four days before May 30 to work with the girls up to the last minute before Miss Seychelles…Another World 2015 is crowned. She will need to see their outfits and stage, to decide on the look she will create for each contestants.

It will definitely be colorful with the wow effect, she added.

It was like Christmas all over again for the contestants when they each received a goody bag sponsored by Seychelles Trading Company, containing Black Up foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, powder, and lipstick.

“With an ethos of sharing our values and extending our support towards local community projects, we believe that through this sponsorship, our contribution will help to produce a high quality pageant experience for all our contestants. They will make many public appearances, and it is very important for them to learn the best practices for grooming,” said a company representative in a press statement released days before the event.

A group of Seychelles Trading Company employees were also on hand to help Sonia with the training.

Being in the media’s glare and under close public scrutiny, these tips will surely come in useful when the contestants attend future events and take part in photo-shoots, even more so for the girl who is crowned Miss Seychelles…another world 2015. As part of her prizes, she will have one of the best make-up brands available on the market in her luggage and will be representing her small islands looking her absolute best as far as make-up goes.

This fun session will be one the girls will take with them through life.


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