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An experience of a lifetime for the 2015 Miss Seychelles contestants

An experience of a lifetime for the 2015 Miss Seychelles contestants ( The Oplezir catamaran belonging to the Creole Travel Services set sail well before 7 am, gliding gracefully on the waves of the turquoise waters off the Praslin coast.

On board were the 14 “Miss Seychelles…another world” 2015 contestants, embarking on their first photo-shooting journey.

From afar, we could see the Ave Maria, Cocos, Felicite, Mariann,e and the Grande Sœur and Petite Sœur islands glittering under the rays of the sun.

Arriving on Curieuse island, the contestants who were accompanied by a team from the Seychelles Tourism Board, their make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, and videographer, met the park rangers there.

The young ladies were surely impressed with the natural state of the island that straight away they started their own little photo-shooting moments. Then the photographer and videographers took over and it was time for the real photo-shooting sessions with these professionals.

The educational part of the journey on Curieuse island started with an overview of the island’s history given by park ranger Jason Bastille.

From Baie Laraie, the group then walked through the thick mangrove forest to Anse José where the Doctor’s House, a building with great historical value is located. This Creole colonial architecture has transformed into a museum showcasing the ecology and history of the island.

After almost an hour, the contestants and the rest of the team reached Anse José where the 14 young ladies had another photo-shooting session.

More photos were then taken on board the Oplezir catamaran as it headed back to Praslin, and on the Cote d’Or beach.

Indeed it was a memorable and fun day, but the day’s tasks did not end there. The evening ended in a cocktail at Dhevatara Beach hotel in the Grand Anse district, where the contestants, dressed in their evening wear, stunned the guests present and did their last photo-shoot session for the day.

A trip to Vallee de Mai is a must when on Praslin, and surely this was on the contestants’ program. And as it was Women’s Day, the ladies went to visit the hard-working Baie Ste. Anne hospital staff members and patients on the female ward to give them a rose for the occasion.


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