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( puts forward a very important, yet simple question for all mainstream or underground HipHop artists- what is HipHop according to them? There are millions of people in close connection with Hip Hop music and Hip Hop culturebut there are people who do not have any idea about what actually is Hip Hop. The website lays emphasis on getting the right answer for the question and in correcting the wrong statements that people have in relation to this term. The website will help you find a good answer for this question by making use of people’s thoughts and by serving as a platform. It welcomes views from people around the world so that the views can be used for getting the world aware about HipHop. People visiting this site have full freedom of expressing their views and their thoughts on what is HipHop. envisages the fact that Hip Hop culture is a quality blend of different forms of art including Djing, Grafitti, Mcing or Rapping, BeatBoxing and Breakdancing or B-boying. However, there are people who have a narrowed down perception of HipHop believing it to be an integral part of street activities that tend to be very non-professional. The main objective of the site is bringing forth the real and the true meaning of Hip Hop music so that misconceptions can be rooted out of the minds of people. This is completely aimed towards the development of Hip Hop culture and is being taken as an initiative from the site and even from the people associated with the Hip Hop movement as a fan, blogger or artist. works with the mission of coming forward with the picture and the richness of HipHop which will automatically help in enriching the Hip Hop culture.

People sharing their views and their perception of Hip Hop get the chance to tell the entire world about the changes that Hip Hop has made in their lives. They serve as an integral part of this movement backed with the mission of reaching out and spreading awareness about Hip Hop around the world. The views that turn out to be remarkable and useful are sure to be shared on the global front used by the site.

According to KrazyClip, India on, “Hip-Hop is a culture. Hip-Hop is an individual’s reflection either on the society or on the whole world.” Youngsta Ash has come forward with the point that “Hip-Hop is a lifestyle, it is culture, and it cannot be limited to a certain form of performing arts. It is something you live in, you dress like that, you talk like that, and you think like that and even see the world from an entirely different perspective. Once you get that lifestyle, you are hip-hop.” These and some other recent posts on the site have gone a long way in spreading an awareness about Hip Hop culture and even brought people face to face with the true meaning of the word. It will indeed make its presence felt in this sphere with more and more posts coming in from artists and people interested in Hip Hop culture and music.

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