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Serge Girard begins his world tour from Reunion Island

Serge Girard begins his world tour from Reunion Island ( On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Serge Girard took to the start of his world tour on foot from the Barachois, Saint-Denis on Reunion Island. Norman decided to start with a tour of the island before taking off to Madagascar. Once he has traveled 45,000 km on land and at sea, he will return to Reunion Island in November 2016.

This is not Serge Girard’s first attempt at such an amazing journey. This specialist in long-distance races has already gone through all of the world’s continents, running daily between 1997 and 2010. Today, it is a new challenge that the French have decided to raise: the beginning of a round-the-world journey using only human force and without interruption. For this world first, it will cross three oceans and three continents, via running and rowing.

Reunion Island is the starting point

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Serge Girard took his departure from Saint-Denis, the capital of Reunion Island. Before leaving the island to navigate to Madagascar, the athlete chose to make a tour of the island, with its many microclimates, from north to south and from east to west; and with a population of mixed race faces from the four corners of the globe. It will be fascinating to see what Serge Girard’s mini world tour delivers in terms of experiences.

15,000 km and 30,000 km on foot&rowing

To achieve this world record, Serge Girard will have to travel a total of 45,000 kilometers, running and rowing, for 22 months. After the journey, he will cross the Indian Ocean to travel to Madagascar and Southern Africa where he will spend time in Mozambique, South Africa, and Namibia. He will then sail the Atlantic Ocean to South America where he will travel to Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile. He will perform a Pacific Ocean crossing, including Easter Island, Pitcairn Island, Gambier Island, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, and New Caledonia as stops. After touring Australia from east to west, he will cross the Indian Ocean to land back on Reunion Island. His return to the island is scheduled for November 2016.

Follow the world tour of Serge Girard here:

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