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Chengdu Arts Troupe performs for the first time in the Seychelles

Chengdu Arts Troupe performs for the first time in the Seychelles ( The Chengdu Arts Troupe closed the curtain on the second edition of the weekend-long China Day festivities and promised to be back next year.

Held at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS) on Sunday, February 15, the one-and-a-half-hour-long, full-house variety show kept the audience enthralled with captivating singing, dancing, acrobatics, and magic performances.

China is a country known for preserving its strong cultural identity and the aptly named “Welcome New Year; Colourful Flowers and Tea House Ladies” choreographies showcased different aspects of this culture. The facial expressions and calculated flawless movements of the dancers were in perfect harmony with the beats and rhythm of the music.

The audience was in for a surprise and clapped loudly when a male solo artist performed his interpretation of “Nasyon Seselwa.”

Fire was a popular element in the show, first in the “Face Changing and Fire Spitting” piece, then in the magic performance where there was the sound of an explosion and fire, as a giant red Chinese fan appeared.

The gravity-defying acrobatic acts involved a group of four young girls juggling drums on their feet and later a shirtless man balancing on a single hand on top of a delicate-looking mechanism, demonstrating the strength of the human body.

Chengdu being the habitat of China’s most treasured animal - the giant panda - the show would not have been complete without a role play about five playful pandas. Along with a bamboo farmer, they fooled around bouncing on exercise balls, skipping rope, and cycling on one-wheeled bicycles.

Soft-toy pandas were thrown out to members of the audience towards the end of the show with those lucky enough to catch one, walking away with a lovely souvenir.

Stage outfits often accompanied with head gear were colorful with red, symbolizing good luck, being the prominent color. Red was obvious in the stage décor, the Seychellois and Chinese master of ceremonies’ outfits, and the show’s printed program.

The Seychelles-China Day organizing committee gave away free tickets for the show, and a large portion of the audience included Chinese living and working in Seychellois of Chinese descent.

Former President James Mancham, Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture Wallace Cosgrow, Principal Secretary for Culture Benjamine Rose, Chinese Ambassador Yin Lixian, and French Ambassador Geneviève Lancu were called on stage for a group photo with the Arts Troupe of Chengdu at the end of a show that did not disappoint.

A photo exhibition of China was on display in the lobby, and the public could also buy lottery tickets to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the pagoda in Seychelles.


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