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The Adventures of Flyman is an unconventional superhero flick

( A Supernormal Hero.
Jonathan Traylor’s new film is outrageous, funny and warm.
To say that Jonathan Traylor has created a superhero film that is unique, well… that’s a bit of an understatement.

Superhero Dating: The Adventures of Flyman has been labeled as a romantic comedy but it’s not at all typical of the genre. A summary of the plot explains why.

An average, nerdy-type guy loves a girl but she’s not at all interested in him. She does, however, love superheroes so the guy gets a wild idea: If he could become a superhero, then she would fall for him.

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He buys a superhero costume and woos her again, but makes an enemy in the process. His enemy threatens to kill the woman he loves and he must rescue her, but can he pull it off? In order to do so, he needs to become an actual superhero.

“This seems like a pretty outrageous premise but it really works,” says Traylor, a resident of Lillie, La., who is the writer, director and star of the film. “The movie is funny but also touching and I think people can really relate to the lead character. He’s really a supernormal hero. Who hasn’t been in his shoes at one time or another?”

The screenplay is complete and most of the cast and technical personnel are in place. Traylor needs additional funding, however, to do the actual filming. At the very least, a superhero film needs top-notch special effects. About $30,000 is needed for cinematography, lighting, sound, costumes, makeup, and editing as well as salaries for the cast and crew.

In order to generate this capital, Traylor has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $25 contribution, backers will have their names listed in the film credits. A $125 pledge will get you access to a special Superhero Dating commercial that will be released in the upcoming weeks for these pledges only. (Four other commercials will be released to the public. The first commercial can be viewed on the Traylor Productions Facebook page,

For $1,000, you can be an extra in the film and $10,000 lands a speaking part.

“This film is super hilarious,” says actress Jillian Bridges, who appears in Superhero Dating. “It’s going to be an enjoyable movie for everyone.”

For additional information, visit or contact Traylor directly at href="">

Media Contact
Company Name: Traylor Productions, LLC
Contact Person: Jonathan Traylor
Email: href="">
Phone: 888-527-0509
City: Lillie
State: LA
Country: United States

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