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Travel Safety Management Professionals Reveal How To Build A Compliant Travel Safety Program For Your Business

( Intelligent Travel recently released a course called Travel Safety Management For Managers&Agents that will enable businesses know the specifics of the law when it comes to business travel safety. Intelligent Travel’s latest innovation is the first of its kind to not only include a step-by-step guide to the current safety laws and standards within Australia, which is important because is saves a significant amount of time and cost for business and gets directly to the point, but it also has all the essential elements, from two subject matter experts which is unique because it provides professional, targeted advice on what travel management providers and businesses have to do in practical terms, not just what the laws are and possible fines.

The team at Intelligent Travel were concerned at the number of travel industry professionals that lacked even rudimentary understanding of the prevailing workplace safety regulations and how it relates to travel. They’ve heard similar stories from managers and providers who are struggling with this common problem. Many probably know the feeling since they may have attended yet another webinar which just resulted in an unclear guidelines on obligations and liability. Not only that, but they also may have engaged with travel management companies, which only led to more 'sales' orientated discussions to buy more of their services. Unfortunately, they may have even tried researching online which just ended up in random, non-specific advice and content.

When Intelligent Travel first built a compliant travel safety program for their business, they realized they could not keep the information to themselves. Revealing this solution meant helping people, so they’re finally able to know the specifics of the law when it comes to business travel safety for both Australia and New Zealand. This also extends or is similar in many other international locations.

Tony Ridley, a Travel Safety and Risk Management Professional, is now able to identify specifically what the laws and standards are relating to business travel, how to review your current travel management systems and determine if your business is compliant and develop a business travel safety management systems to ensure they are safe and compliant, without commercial influence by providers. Tony insists there is no better time to invest the time in Travel Safety Management For Managers&Agents. Anxious to see others achieve the same results, Tony Ridley highly recommends visiting

This website provides a wealth of information so that businesses can finally get the results they are looking for. a business won’t have to hire a travel safety consultant to develop a brief to tehir executive management which will probably cost you well over $2,000. Businesses could also buy a templated presentation with a some research/background information which isn’t advised either, since you’ll likely overspend up to $1,500 and still lack the detail and expertise contained in this online education and training resource.

To learn more about how to know the specifics of the safety management law when it comes to business travel safety, please visit for information. Be sure to check this out soon, They Will Only Be Releasing A Limited Number of Accesses To This Travel Safety Training. This is because they can only accommodate a limited number of access licenses. Intelligent Travel looks forward to helping you get the you the results you need when it comes to travel safety management.

Company Name: Intelligent Travel Contact Person: Tony Ridley Email: Phone: +61 3 8658 1427 Address:Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road City: Melbourne State: VIC Country: Australia Website:

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