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pH Balanced Life interviewed on The Dr. Holly Lucille Show on RadioMD

( The pH test strips founders shared their views with Dr. Holly Lucille on improving health, eating more high alkaline foods, and balancing one’s pH
pH Balanced Life interviewed on The Dr. Holly Lucille Show on RadioMD, which is a first for a pH test strips company. During the interview titled, “Acid vs. Alkaline: Why Having a Correct pH Balance Is SO Important” the founders shared their ideas about the significance of high alkaline foods, and striving for better health and wellness through improving one’s pH. Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally licensed and recognized naturopathic educator, doctor, natural products consultant and television host.

The founders are considered holistic health advocates, and have struggled with numerous health issues and challenges themselves over the years. Convinced there needed to be more than just conventional Western medical options they also sought holistic health avenues like chiropractors, yoga, meditation and eliminating gluten. Having learned food can play a role in one’s health they also began seeing benefits from eating more high alkaline foods.

Not satisfied with the pH testing options on the market, pH Balanced Life decided to research and create their own version of pH test strips. According to some researches, balancing pH is important to overall health. It’s true that body is composed of 70 percent water which is a pH of 7, right in the middle of the pH range of 0-14. The human body wants to be balanced, and does an amazing job of regulating one’s overall pH. However your body is also being challenged by the modern world, and things like hurried schedules, stress, poor eating habits and sleep deprivation.

The typical Western diet is high in acid producing foods and drinks, which lowers one’s pH. There are many herbalists, nutritionists and doctors who believe in the ill effects of mild acidosis, a consistent pH below 7. The effects are believed to contribute to mood swings, nail and hair issues, kidney and bladder conditions, fatigue, chronic inflammation, brittle and weak bones, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, obesity and other conditions.

pH Balanced Life wants to help educate people on the significance of monitoring and improving their pH. This is especially important for people with existing medical conditions, doing the alkaline diet, or training for athletic events. Their pH balance test strips are an excellent product that can be used effectively to track and monitor pH, and are available exclusively on Amazon throughout the United States.

To learn more, please visit For inquiries, please contact them at (815) 893-9652, or by email at href="">

Company Name: pH Balanced Life Contact Person: Karen Podlasek Email: Phone: (815) 893-9652 Address:P.O. Box 1893 City: Crystal Lake State: IL Country: United States Website:

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