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This February Grab SmartBones® for “National Pet Dental Health Month!”

( Does your dog have bad breath? Are his teeth stained or have plaque buildup? The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that 80 percent of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three. Veterinarians say that periodontal disease is the number one diagnosed condition in pets today. Although dental health is important all year long, February has been declared “National Pet Dental Health Month.” SmartBones® is a smart choice for pet parents looking to provide their dog with a safe chew that will benefit their dental health too!

As a pet parent, it’s crucial we encourage and promote regular oral health maintenance and check-ups for our furry friends. It’s also important we choose a healthy diet and lifestyle for them as well. The SmartBones® team developed SmartBones®: The newest advancement in the dog chew category, the “Healthy Alternative to Rawhide”.

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All dogs have an inherent desire to chew, especially puppies. Historically, in the wild, dogs used to tear through the skin of a wild beast to get at the meat, cleaning their teeth naturally in the process. Today’s domesticated dogs eating kibble in a bowl never get this exercise, and as a result, their canine teeth become disused and plaque can buildup. Poor dental health in pets can result in infections, kidney and heart diseases.

Rawhide dog chews are one of the most common pastime chew for dogs, and were invented to help with chewing and mental stimulation. Unfortunately, over the years research has indicated that rawhide chews can prove detrimental to the health and safety of your dog.

Many pet owners are resistant to feeding their dog rawhides because of concerns about the digestibility as well as potential choking hazards. Consumers also have concerns about chemicals used to process rawhide and the general lack of regulation in the leather industry.

SmartBones® is made using extruded, wholesome, grains and other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and peas, in place of rawhide and combining it with irresistible chicken breast. A recent independent digestibility study found SmartBones® to be highly digestible (over 99%), actually exceeding the digestibility of even premium dog foods. When compared to other leading rawhide chews for palatability, Smartbones® was preferred 9 out of 10 times.

Not only is SmartBones® great tasting and satisfying to chew, but it’s beneficial to Fido’s overall health, mental and dental stimulation. These delicious bones are available in different sizes, various flavors and formulas; including a “Dental” bone formula, which specifically tackles the oral hygiene and dental pet health problems.

What dog wouldn't love a healthy and tantalizing combination of a wholesome vegetable-based outer chew and a highly palatable and nutritious chicken breast on the inside? This February spread the word about “National Pet Dental Health Month” by providing your canine with a healthy and safe SmartBones® chew!

About SmartBones:

SmartBones® are made using extruded, wholesome, vegetables such as Sweet potatoes, carrots and peas, in the place of rawhide and combining it with irresistible real chicken.

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