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Scientists suggest ‘Water Ionizer’ the Latest Technology in Enhancing your Health and Beauty!

( The many studies and reports on alkaline water from famous scientists and doctors, and from the loyal customers of water ionizer suggest Water Ionizer one of the wisest decision you can take for this New Year.
Water Ionizer, one of the latest technologies, produces alkaline water, the best ever drinking water available in the market. Also known as alkaline ionizer, the water ionizer is a home appliance which is used to raise the pH of drinking water through the process of ionization. These machines designed to work as water electrolysis, splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen while passing an electric current through it. The chemical reaction that happens during this electrochemical process is as given below:

2 H2O(l) ' 2 H2(g) + O2(g)

The water near to the anode will be acidic and the water near to the cathode will be alkaline. The alkaline water thus produced will be rich in hydroxide (OH-) and is expected to have a higher pH.

Advantages of Alkaline Water over Tap Water

• The ionized alkaline water is composed of small molecular cluster, which is good for you, since these small molecular clusters are easily absorbed by your body. Thus, the fast and easy absorption of water molecules by your cells, keeps your body hydrated for longer duration of time.

• The ionized alkaline water is filled with various minerals that are good for your health and wellness. These minerals help the whole system to work properly.

• The ionized alkaline water is rich in antioxidants, energizing your muscles in a better way.

• The water ionizer that produces alkaline ionized water consist of micro-filters that can filter out even the minute pollutant, providing you clean and safe water, free of odor.

Studies and Reports on Alkaline Water

The many studies and reports on alkaline water from famous scientists and doctors, and from the loyal customers of water ionizer is enough to throw light on the good effects of alkaline water, which can be summarized as below:

The prolonged use of alkaline water provided the use with faster relief from Eczema and Psoriasis (Dry and itchy skin). The reason behind this is that the smaller molecular cluster of alkaline ionized water is better absorbed by your body cells, keeping the body hydrated for a longer duration than normal water.

The other effects of alkaline ionized water include:

• Prolonged hydration especially during workouts

• Acid Reflux Disease (ACD)

• Healthy looking skin

Importance of Water Ionizer in Today’s World

Today’s society is marked by over-indulgence. We eat and eat, especially, the highly processed fast food; we drink all the fast energizing, unhealthy liquids with high sugar content, and we exercise less. We take care of our materialpossessions so well, and leave behind what is actually ours – our health. And, looking at the results of this unhealthy lifestyle – Obesity, Cancer, and Diabetics is damaging our life beyond limit. But, it’s not too late for us to act. Things are not beyond cure. And, this realization will be the very first step towards acquiring that.

There are many things you can do to pull back your life to normalcy. Start with a gradual weaning of added sugars. Choose foods with less trans fat. Exercise in moderation. Add more fruits, vegetables and nuts to your daily diet. Another revolutionary product you can add to your daily diet is the ionized alkaline water.

The alkaline water helps to flush the extra fat from your body, and raises the pH level of the body by creating an alkaline environment for your cells. It helps in flushing out the harmful toxins and heavy metals, unlike any other water. Overall, the alkaline water is a kind of wonder water that can keep you and your family in a healthy and respectful condition. And, owing a Water Ionizer machine will be the wisest decision you can take for this New Year.

Owning a Water Ionizer machine ensures you constant and continued supply of alkaline water, and is also a money saver. If you are planning to buy alkaline water from shops outside – beware – the quality of the water won’t be up to the mark as produced by that at your own home. Also, bottled alkaline water can cost you a lot. Plus, owning a Water Ionizer machine for your own makes it environment friendly, thus saving on the many plastic bottles you are not buying.

Tyent Water Ionizer Machine

So, if you are planning to buy a Water Ionizer machine, the Tyent Water Ionizer Machine can be your first choice, not only due to its sleek and stylish look, but because it is an Industry leader and provides the best quality alkaline water to you and your family. The lifelong warranty that the Tyent Company provides stands as the greatest proof of the quality that they promise for their Water Ionizers. The Tyent Water Ionizers have won many prestigious awards, along with the Editors Choice Award for the best Ionizer of the year 2014.

Company Name: Tyent USA Contact Person: Emma Jones Email: Phone: 1 (844) 485-1082 Address:Tyent USA World Headquarters, 137 Hurfville Crosskeys Road City: Sewell State: New Jersey Country: United States Website:

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