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TechShield NanoCoat – Groundbreaking Hydrophobic Coating System

( TechShield NanoCoat is the solution everyone has been waiting for. This invisible liquid protection is revolutionizing the way consumers keep their phones safe from water damage. It is a durable hydrophobic coating system that makes gadgets waterproof. Now creators want to make the TechShield NanoCoat available on the market. They created a Kickstarter Campaign to open a retail location, develop an online order system, and provide quality control for business operations.

According to statistics, the second leading cause for smartphone damages is water liquid damage from liquid exposure, corrosion, or humidity. Accidents happen and sometimes they can’t be avoided. However, individuals can be proactive in keeping their devices safe. TechShield NanoCoat is the perfect solution to getting this job done. It provides peace of mind knowing these precious items are still protected if an accident were to happen. This will also save people money from having to buy a new phone and the environment because these phones will not be discarded. The coating also protects important data and photos that are in the devices.

The TechShield NanoCoat can be used on:

• Smart phones
• Tablets
• Headphones/Earphones
• Speakers
• Mp3 players
• Remote controls
• Other small gadgets
• Medical devices
• Clothing articles

To put this coating on the device, it is placed in a vacuum chamber that injects hydrophobic particles onto the exterior and interior of the device. Through this process, the plasma binds the special formulation onto the devices’ surfaces and circuits. This creates a microscopic gap of air between the object and liquid if it were to ever fall into water. The TechShield NanoCoat is so advanced, this protects the gadget without compromising the devices functionality or performance.

They will also offer the 360 Defence. This is a protective set that is only for the iPhone. The set comes with the nano coat, a black shock proof bumper, and tempered glass screen protector to keep the phone waterproof and avoid exterior damage. Exterior damage is the number one cause of smartphone failures. With this in mind, the 360 Defence will protect the phone from two major causes.

Now they need help from supporters to open a store in Vancouver and develop an online ordering system so people can send their phones to the main headquarters to get their item coated. Currently, this option will only be available for those who live in Canada or the United States. For those who live in Vancouver, they can simply go to the store and get the service, which can take around two hours.

The campaign goal is to raise $50,000 by February 28th, 2015. All backers will receive exclusive Kickstarter rewards to show appreciation for their support. Based on the level of contribution, the rewards range from a free TechShield NanoCoat on earphones, Bluetooth sets, smart phones, tablets, and much more. As an early bird special these deals come with free shipping.

Take advantage of these awesome perks today and help bring this solution on the market as soon as possible!!

To make a contribution, visit TechShield NanoCoat’s Kickstarter campaign.

Don’t forget to share this campaign on Facebook and Twitter!

Company Name: TechShield Canada Contact Person: Matt Bremner Email: Phone: 778-968-8904 Country: Canada Website:

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