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Reunion Island Tourism welcomes first international jet-ski championship of Vanilla Islands

Reunion Island Tourism welcomes first international jet-ski championship of Vanilla Islands ( From January 16-18, 2015, Reunion Island is hosting the first international jet-ski championship of the Vanilla Islands. These are 24 drivers taking part in the competition on a course of 500 kilometers in an offshore race in the Indian Ocean.

Reunion Island will be making waves this weekend with Kalou Jet Offshore, the first international jet-ski competition of the Vanilla Islands. The 24 national and international jet-ski drivers will compete in three races, from the Bay of St. Paul in the west to the port of Saint Peter in the southern area of the island. They will have to demonstrate technical expertise in order to maneuver their machines through the Indian Ocean between flat and calm seas. At the end of the three-day championship, almost 500 kilometers in total will have ben navigated - a major challenge for competitors who will be sailing the waters of the Indian Ocean.

For the local track, which brings together 400 jet-ski enthusiasts on the island, participants are given the opportunity to take on the top 10 drivers in the world. For its first edition, the Jet Kalou Offshore is hosting the presence of the 2014 world speed champion, Teddy Pons; World No. 9 ranked Hervé Partouche; and the man with eight world titles, Jean-Bruno Pastorello. With the presence of these renowned international practitioners, the show is guaranteed to be an exciting event along the west coast Reunion Island.

Beyond the competition, many activities will be offered at Breakers in Saint-Gilles, a village which has installed for the three-day event, two giant screens to broadcast the race live; the screens will be located at Esplanade des Roches Noires and Breakers. There will also be musical entertainment, announcement of results at the podium, visits to the paddock, a giant zumba activity, a tuning show, inflatables, a jet-ski initiation, the baptism of Flyboard, and helicopter flights. The Kalou Offshore is positioned as a sensational event this weekend on Reunion Island.

With acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds and a power of 300 horsepower, jet skiing is considered the Formula 1 of the seas. The appearance of the four-stroke engines on jet skis has dramatically reduced vehicle emissions, and is now non-polluting and silent, making it possible to jet while controlling the environmental impact. On Reunion Island, the first international jet-ski competition of the Vanilla Islands will take place beyond the perimeter of the protected marine nature reserve.

The event is also an opportunity to showcase the water activities of the island and encourage vocations, giving visibility to practice jet skiing, which remains timid in the local sports landscape. The Jet Kalou Offshore intends to build scale by 2016, by hosting a stage for the World Championship Offshore Jet-ski.


Friday, January 16, 2015
Step 1: Saint-Gilles/Saint-Pierre.
Starting at 12:30 pm - Roches Noires towards Saint-Pierre
Return to go twice, 170 km
Arrival at 3:30 pm

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Step 2: Saint-Gilles/River Pebbles/Saint-Pierre
Starting at 12:30 pm - Roches Noires towards Galets River and St. Peter.
Return to go twice, 250 km
Arrival at 5:00 pm

Sunday, January 18, 2015
Step 3: Bay of St. Paul
Departure at 12:30 pm - ten course buoys in the bay of St. Paul, or 170 km
Expected end at 3:30 p m

MEDIA CONTACT: Evelyne Coustillat, Reunion Island Tourism, Phone: +262 (0)262 90 83 69, Fax: +262 (0)262 21 00 21,

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