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ASTA Employees Pave the Way for a Greener Office

ASTA Employees Pave the Way for a Greener Office ( In an endeavor to become more environmentally conscious as a company, ASTA employees formed an internal task force, commonly referred to as the Green Team, in October of 2007 with the intention of implementing green, environmentally-friendly practices in the office. Through this and other initiatives, ASTA will strive to conserve energy; reduce employee’s carbon footprint; promote the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy and to reduce internal waste and operating costs.

“ASTA employees and members are dedicated to becoming more environmentally-aware and responsible,” said Cheryl Hudak, CTC, ASTA president and CEO. “Preserving this beautiful planet and her amazing destinations for future generations is one of the biggest responsibilities travel professionals have. But before we can ask others to take action, we must first practice what we preach in our own offices.”

Employees were provided with information on recycling, using green printing products, energy conservation, using biodegradable packaging material, telecommuting and working with vendors who offer green office supplies. As a result, immediate changes were made.

The Society now prints marketing and other materials on recycled paper; uses non-disposable silverware and cups to eliminate the need for plastic or paper supplies; created easy-to-use electronic timesheets and leave request forms and placed numerous recycling bins throughout the office. For some employees, periodically working from home was an option, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on the road each week, the amount of fuel an employee required to commute and ASTA’s carbon footprint.

“These changes seem small, but they’re not,” said William Maloney, CTC, ASTA executive vice president and COO. “When we sat down and added up the number of copies we were making, paper cups we were using and total amount of hours employees were driving to and from work each week, we were all astonished. Now that we know, we will never go back to those ways and we’re going to educate and encourage our members to do the same.”

ASTA currently has two long-term goals. The first being to create a program that would require its members to abide by a strict code of ethics, pledge to uphold ASTA’s green mission and educate them on becoming responsible sellers of green travel. The second is to give back to the planet. ASTA employees will raise money to donate to a reputable organization that will plant trees on the Society’s behalf; enough money to plant nearly quadruple the amount of trees it consumes in paper each year. While the results will not be immediate, it is a great stride towards a healthier planet.

For additional information on ASTA or further information on green travel, please visit or

The mission of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism. ASTA seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable and growing and a rewarding field in which to work, invest and do business.

Contact: Kristina Rundquist/Sarah Wilhite 703-739-8710

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