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I Love Seychelles – 2015 national theme is inspiration for greater love for our country

I Love Seychelles – 2015 national theme is inspiration for greater love for our country ( President James A. Michel has dedicated the year 2015 to the theme of “I Love Seychelles," a highly-inspirational theme that appeals to the patriotism of all Seychellois and their love for the motherland.

In his New Year's message which was broadcast on national television this evening, the President said that Seychelles has made tremendous progress during 2014, despite certain setbacks, and asked the Seychellois people to remain united in 2015.

“We are a small country with huge ambitions. More than ever our unity and national cohesion remain crucial. We have continued to make progress in the economic sector, although growth in 2014 was not entirely what was projected. However, we remain hopeful, but with caution, that 2015 will be a better year. The success of our macro-economic reform programme has boosted our confidence. We have to stay the course, and when necessary, undertake the readjustments according to the global economic situation. We have become a resilient people — we have to work harder in order to build our prosperity," said the President.

Furthermore, President Michel highlighted the importance for everyone to not only think about today but also about the future of their country and families. He noted that in 2015 Seychelles will celebrate the achievements of reaching its United Nations Millennium Development Goals well beforehand.

“2015 is the year by which countries are to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In Seychelles we will celebrate the accomplishments of most of the eight Millennium Development Goals. It is because of the realization of some of the targets, which we achieved well before 2015 that makes us more optimistic of the future. We can now look beyond 2015, to focus on other opportunities that our country offers. To bring us higher quality development. Today the world loves Seychelles! The world respects Seychelles! When we speak the world listens to us, with a lot of respect. We are proud. We will remain active on the international scene, and work in the interests of the progress of our people, in the interests of our development," said Mr. Michel.

The President said that this year's theme should be an inspiration and motivation to all Seychellois, standing in unity with the same objectives for greater success for the love of Seychelles.

“Seychelles is really special. It is for this reason that we have chosen the patriotic theme I Love Seychelles for 2015. My wish is that during the course of the new year 2015, greater love for our country will inspire us in all that we do. Let us proclaim proudly to all the world what we stand for as a nation. A people who are at peace with themselves and the rest of the world. A small country that is relentlessly championing environmental protection, the interests of the small island developing nations, and the emerging Blue Economy," said Mr. Michel.

He added, “In the year of I Love Seychelles, let us appreciate what we have in our country and continue to mobilise our efforts towards progress. Let us practice our democracy with respect for the rule of law, in the spirit of tolerance and national unity. Let us not allow our differences of opinions to divide us. Let us teach our children the same."

The President ended his message by wishing every Seychellois here and overseas a happy and prosperous New Year 2015.


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