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New page in promotion opened for Seychelles Tourism Academy

New page in promotion opened for Seychelles Tourism Academy ( Seychelles and France opened a new page in the promotion of tri-linguistics in the tourism industry. A new agreement of partnership to better prepare lecturers at the Seychelles Tourism Academy to successfully pass their exams and attain first and second levels of certificate in elementary in professional French (DELF) or “DELF Professionel” was signed between Geneviève Lancu, French Ambassador to Seychelles, and Anne Lafortune, Principal Secretary for Tourism.

The agreement, which also had the financial blessing of the French Ambassador to Seychelles at a sum of about 18,000 euros, will also enable the Tourism Academy in 2016 to realize a very ambitious project of having almost half of its curriculum taught in English, French, and Creole.

Making the agreement official, Geneviève Lancu, French ambassador to Seychelles, said this tri-linguistic project “should become a daily tool.” The agreement is also gaining the financial support of OIF and the training of the Seychelles Tourism Academy lecturers at an Academic institute in Reunion - Centre International d’Etude Pédagogique (CIEP).

Anne Lafortune, Principal Secretary of Tourism, added that the agreement provided “added value” to the good working partnership between Seychelles’ Tourism Academy, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and the French Embassy in Seychelles. Since October 2014, the Seychelles Tourism Academy has been a beneficiary of the agreement. In 2015, lecturers at Seychelles Tourism Academy sitting for the (DELF) certificate elementary in professional French will undertake a one-month training at the Academic Institute in Reunion (CIEP) and the hotel school of Renaissance.


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