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Reunion Island celebrates Diwali

Reunion Island celebrates Diwali ( Until Sunday, Reunion Island will be celebrating the 25th Deepavali, the Festival of Light. The event is of Hindu origin and symbolizes the transition from darkness to light. For 10 days every year, the vibrant colors of India illuminates the entire Reunion Island in a festival of song, dance, poetry, and food.

The cultural heritage came from India where Deepavali is celebrated every year between October and November. A symbol of the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, the Festival of Light endorses Tamil culture, and Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean has been celebrating this festival for 25 years now. More than 20,000 people flock each year to the island to attend this event. On Deepavali Day, temples and houses are adorned with thousands of small oil lamps, fairy lights, and candles to commemorate the victory of good over darkness. An exclusive cultural event on Reunion Island, the Festival of Light is supported by Reunion Island Tourism (IRT), a partner of the 25th edition of Deepavali through the arrival of a French nationality journalist based in Delhi. Freelance journalist Christine Nayagam writes for the magazine India Outbound as well as for the news agency Media India Group with over 50,000 subscribers. Along with this, photographer Yérinne Park documented the Deepavali celebrations.

In India, Diwali is a national holiday. Traditionally in southern India, a legend tells of the triumph of Lord Vishnu on the Naragassuran demon. Therefore, the day is celebrated to honor the will of God Vishnu and thus recall the disappearance of evil and the triumph of justice. At the north of India, the commemoration is based on the epic Ramayanan. After 14 years of exile, Rama releases his beloved Sita. Accompanied by Lakhsmana, they join together in the kingdom of Ayodhya, where they are greeted by the light from rows of lamps and by the people. Reunion Island festivities symbolize the 25-year celebration of Deepavali with a 5-story lamp, the play of light and water, which opened in downtown St. Andrew on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Colossus Park will host an Indian mela - a crossroads of scents, colors, and good business. This village is the public discovery of Indian culture. Gastronomy, lighting, handicrafts, painting, furniture, jewelry, leather goods, traditional costumes… more than 60 exhibitors, including 14 Indian and Mauritian exhibitors, were set to meet on site. The grand parade of Indian tanks and the return of light in the downtown parade is the highlight of Diwali. From 6:30 pm on Saturday, October 25, 2014, the procession of floats, consisting of 2,000 participants, will take their departure from the avenue Ile de France in Saint-André. This parade of authentic tanks from India will join the Avenue of the Republic, until the Sarda Garriga complex. The evening will continue with a dance and Indian music before the closing with fireworks kindling the illumination of the goddess of light.

Event Highlights:

1. Trimurti, the three masters of the universe says nothing in the universe cannot be created, preserved, or destroyed without the 3 aspects of the Supreme Being: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

2. The victory of Rama over the demon RavanaRama releases his beloved Sita, annihilating the demon Ravana.

3. The return of Rama Rama goes back after 14 years of exile. A festival of lights celebrates the victory of good over darkness.

4. Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu Krishna, carries the Govardhan mountain and protects the people. His earthly incarnation is a source of light and joy.

5. Victory of good over evil and Rama Krishna, the incarnation of Lakshmi, destroys Naragassuran and liberate the people from darkness.

6. The Return of the Light - Deepavali Universal Light guide - brings a special sparkle to hearts and dissipates the darkness, giving way to knowledge. It strengthens ties forever; is a source of happiness, solidarity and peace; and draws a return to balance and harmony.

7. Maha Lakshmi, Goddess of virtues, shares his blessing which leads to certain success.

8. The friendly riders from the east brings the parade that will end with carriages and horses with Indian choreography on Sunday, October 26, 2014, leading up to the festival of colors!

The Deepavali will end with the Holi Holi, a great time for sharing where people come dressed in white and throw pigments of colors: green for harmony, orange for optimism, blue for the vitality, and red for joy and love. Born from the meeting of the island's combination of dance and Indian classical music, Kala Bhaaskara, and the prestigious school of dance, Bharata Kalanjali (the school was founded by the legendary Dhananjayans) of Chennai, the Indian Arts Festival (Festival of Indian Arts) has the desire to introduce these artists to the public of Reunion Island and vice versa. The Indian Arts Festival offers services provided by Indian artists, complemented by American artist Shankar Tucker and two South African artists Verushka Pather (dancer, choreographer) and Karthiegasen Pillay (singer). Reunion Island artists will also include in the program, Kala Bhaaskara and young artists from the west of the island.

MEDIA CONTACT: Evelyne Coustillat, Reunion Island Tourism, Phone: +262 (0)262 90 83 69, Fax: +262 (0)262 21 00 21,

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