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Exhibition marking 10th year in office for Seychelles President Michel

Exhibition marking 10th year in office for Seychelles President Michel ( Seychelles President James Michel attended the opening of a photo exhibition commemorating his 10 years in office as president, which was officially opened by the Vice President, Mr. Danny Faure.

The President was accompanied by his daughter, Laeticia.

In his opening address, the Vice President expressed recognition and saluted President Michel for his hard work, dedication, and leadership throughout these ten years, describing it as “a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man.”

Vice President Faure also spoke about the theme of this exhibition, “Judge me by my actions,” which is a statement President Michel made on April 14, 2004 during his inaugural speech.

“Making such a bold statement, demands a strength of character, a spirit of great determination, and a willingness for one`s decisions and actions to be questioned, to be weighed. Judge me through what I do is being courageous enough to lay oneself open to critics, but it is a statement that calls for transparency in one`s work and responsibility and accountability for the results,” said Vice President Faure.

He further said: “Judging has an aspect of appraising, of evaluating, and pointing out the weaknesses so that shortcomings can be adjusted and gaps filled, all in the spirit of wanting the best for Seychellois and the Seychellois people. The statement also echoes the principle of democracy, asking to be questioned and being ready to listen, to respond and to deliver. This is what has happened during the past 10 years. The nation has been consulted, citizens have participated in decision making, and their views have been sought, listened to, and taken into account.”

He also noted that this theme should be a point of focus for everyone, an ongoing call to move forward and enhancing determination for a better future.

“Follow step by step this decade of incessant striving to consolidate our economic and social gains, of major efforts invested in cementing international relations, in advocating for environment conservation and protection, in championing the cause of small island developing states, in promoting the concept of the blue economy, and in strengthening our democracy always with the same clear vision of wanting the best for the Seychellois people,” he said.

During the ceremony, 5 children, all born on April 14, 2004, shared their own experiences of growing up under the leadership of President Michel through a sketch.

The exhibition, which was mounted in the main hall of State House, showcased different photos in relation to the 10 key messages President Michel emphasized during his inaugural speech in 2004, such as climate change, democracy, progress, and prosperity, among others.

Speaking to the local press after the ceremony, the Chief of Protocol in the Office of the President, Mr. Gervais Moumou, explained how the exhibition is laid out and other venues for public viewing.

“Apart from State House, the exhibition will turn into a mobile exhibition, going to Anse Boileau and Bel Ombre, targeting people living in the South and North, respectively. We have our key partners helping us, such as the Department of Community Development, in making sure that people in all districts come and appreciate the exhibition. We`re also targeting school children in view that it will be a school holiday soon. The Ministry of Education has been of great help, and they have informed all the schools so that they too can participate at other venues such as ICCS, Maritime Training Centre, Praslin, and also La Digue,” Mr. Moumou explained.

The mobile exhibition will end on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, on La Digue.


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