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Korean traditional rhythm set to impress at carnival in Seychelles

Korean traditional rhythm set to impress at carnival in Seychelles ( Creative group NONI is a group of young artists from various artistic fields who are now confirmed to travel to Seychelles for the coming carnival starting on April 25. The Korean Carnival team will perform Samul nori (Korean traditional percussion music).

Julie Kim, the Seychelles Tourism Board Manager in Seoul in Korea, has received confirmation that the Samui nori delegation will be representing South Korea in the “carnival of carnivals” in Seychelles which is this year being jointly co-hosted by Seychelles, La Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, and South Africa KwaZulu Natal.

Samul nori percussion consists of 4 Korean traditional musical instruments, namely Kkwaenggwari (a small gong), Jing (a larger gong), Janggu (an hourglass-shaped drum), and Buk (a barrel drum similar to the bass drum). Each of the four instruments stands for a different weather condition: the kkwaenggwari represents thunder, the jing the sounds of the wind, the janggu rain, and the buk clouds. The idea of yin and yang is also reflected in these instruments: two leather instruments (the buk and janggu) represent the sounds of the Earth, while the metal ones - jing and kkwaenggwari - represent sounds of the heavens.

During the opening ceremony of Carnaval International de Victoria, the South Koreans are expected to showcase the genuine Samulnori which has its roots in farmers` music (nong-ak), celebrating harvest times. It also stems from the shamanistic tradition. The rhythm reflects the joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness as the tempo alters.

During the main carnival procession, the South Korean delegation will be parading through the center of Victoria with their percussion sound widely spreading the feeling of joy. The carnival float, decorated with Korean traditional lamps and architecture and filled with a team dressed in Korean traditional costume “hanbok,” will be accompany the delegation. “The excitement of the Samul nori will fascinate the audiences" a representative of the South Korean delegation traveling to Seychelles said.

The performance team has participated in various international cultural events and carnivals in China, Macao, and the United States to name a few, and have won 8 awards in Korea and overseas.


2013 - Republic of Korea, Selection at PAMS Choice 2013

2012 - Republic of Korea, Seoul Namsan Traditional Theatre, Selection at Musical Play Festival Contest

2011 - Republic of Korea, Creative Traditional Play Contest, Grand prize winner (Prize title: Minister of Culture-Sports` Prize)

2010 - Republic of Korea, Gangneung Kwanno Mask Theatre, Modern Reinterpretation Contest winner

2009 - China, Shanghai International Puppet Festival, Golden Magnolia Art Innovation award winner, Composition award winner, Performance award winner Republic of Korea, “Jeju Delphic World Conference,” Golden medal in Shadow Play Sector (Award of unusual achievement in the production or presentation of clearly defined artistic disciplines for Shadow Play)

2008 - Republic of Korea, “Korea Traditional Arts Festival,” Creative Contest Winner

2006 - Republic of Korea, Selection at PAMS Choice 2006


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